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I don't know why

why is ludia putting dilophosaurus and dilophosaurus gen 2 in with Asian dinosaurs? they put dilophosaurus along side Asian dinosaurs during the Chinese new year event and now they’re putting dilophosaurus gen 2 with the Asian dinosaurs, dilophosaurus was only found in north America, i don’t understand why they are putting the dilophosaurs along side asian dinosaurs

Might have to do with the limited number of Asian dinosaurs in the game; they may simple have included them there to pad it out to match the numbers of the other lists.

They’re both listed for Jurassic park: the movie together. But not together for Asia

um…you know that screen cap disproves what you just said, right? i mean…look at Asia. wait, nm only Dilo g2 is in Asia, still doesn’t make sense to be there aside from padding.

I said they’re not listed together for Asia. And they’re not

Nice edit after u read my post.

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i started editing when i looked closer at the list before you replied, that’s how it appeared so soon after your post.

dilophosaurus was put with the Asian dinosaurs during the Chinese new year event, in regards to dilophosaurus gen 2 they should have put deinochirus in with the asian dinosaurs instead of dilophosaurus gen 2

Never said it wasn’t during lunar New Year. I know it was.

There is a Jurassic Park event coming soon. Dilo is being saved for then cause it’s the movie version