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I don't know


What a “BUFF” or “DE-BUFFED” dinosaur is (let alone how it can act “any way” I want)… Can anyone explain it in simple tetms?


Buff means they have a boost in an ability. Speed, attack, defense. Debuff just means they get a negative on these same things.


There also debuffs that cause damage over time. So the spinasaurs, they do an attack that not only hurts the opponent, but each passing turn the opponent will lose health for 2 or 3 turns.


That DoT attack is why I really want a Spino or epic Erli on my team…


I’m a big fan of Rajasaurus.


He’s got some decent stats for an epic. He’s Carnotaurus’ buff cousin.


I’m absolutely yearning for the hybrid of Ankylosaurus & Rajasaurus; Rajakylosaurus. I bumped into one & it beat me up like I stole something! Awesomely wicked!