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I dont like feeling this way

i am just going 2 say it. i feel like ludia and lovelink just dont at all care about us players who prefer 2 only match with the females. there seems 2 no regard at all. there are more male characters opening up and being introduced what seems regularly. the more we ask for more female characters to come back or open up or be introduced they do the opposite as if making some kind of statement.
i dont understand why we are being neglected. and why when a thought can be spared for us we get not even 2 days of content from the character and a rushed story. thats not enough
i get it. i sound like im whining and complaining and maybe i am. but i am getting darn frustrated by it and these “vip” characters just keep driving my point home.
i dont get why the female characters are getting ignored and rushed but i feel like lovelink and ludia just dont care. if they dont change this there will be a lot people uninstalling this app.
ludia and lovelink dont be that guy. if you do care its time to prove it.
-rant over-

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I feel your pain sadly they’ve not been able to find the balance yet of the content to make the money in characters like Damien/Austin, Jonathan/Albert, Liam’Min Jae, Skylar/Jaden. The characters with absolutely no content at all and the characters that havent been updated in months while releasing sporadic female content in Rose/Dahlia, Evaline/Jade and Grace/Clementine.

It comes down to the fact there’s no way to please everyone when running a story app

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It’s simple. Straight female players massively outnumber the rest of us and the male characters, especially the “bad boys” are by far the most popular.

I’ve been waiting for the likes of Alice and Vittoria to return since last summer. I’m always grateful when one of the girls does make a brief reappearance but I’m with you. It is frustrating.

One of the biggest gripes many of us have always had is the lack of transparency. Just tell us what the plans are and why certain characters have been put on hold, at least that way we don’t feel ignored.

I actually spend more time on this forum now than I do playing the actual game. Honestly, the only reason I haven’t given up is because I have almost 5k unspent gems on my account.