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I don't like nerf threads but this deer needs to be stopped

The nerf that this deer got today straight didn’t do anything. The stun resistance and swap in heal were not the problem (swap prevention res was a good nerf though) the real problem is the fact this deer is immortal. With all the healing, the armor, the fact it basically can’t be swap in killed, and the ammount of damage this thing can put out is with having both vulnerability and devastation in the same moveset is just unfathomable.

This deer SHOULD NOT have been able to beat my whole team of monolometrodon, skoonasaurus, and Diorajasaur by its self.


What really had to be done to Testacornibus to nerf it correctly is for it to lose its distraction res, its vulnerability and speed reduction immunities should be reduced to 50-75% and for Its health to be reduced from 4200 to 4050 or less.


Honestly , i’d just remove vulnerability and swap prevent resistance completely. It doesn’t need to be good against other resilients with that vulnerability res, much less be able to escape from a no escape fierce creature. I think you meant to remove It? Agree with the hp nerf, i’d nerf the damage to 1000. It also doesn’t need a decelerating cleansing move, It just serves to counter bleed when It shouldn’t. Trade that for superiority impact and it’s fine.


Among other things, I would remove that counter. It just reduces all damage taken by a flat amount, basically adding another layer of armor on top of the 45% it already has.


Also removes all the negative effect. So even with no resistance to anything, the counter would clean up anyway.

It actually doesn’t cleanse, thankfully (although being a rally Heal it ignores the effects of distraction). But if it did… yeah that would be a big problem. Even so, it has the cleansing impact and dig in to deal with pretty much any debuff anyway. Like @Isaah_Wii said, they should just give it superiority impact instead of cleansing decelerating.


As already explained by others in this forum, the deer itself is not the real problem. Or only a part of it.

Of course it was a bit too much in 2.8, but this has been corrected with 2.9.

Actually the deer has more counters than many other meta dinos (Tryko, Dio, Entelolania, Mrex, Thor, Grypo… some depending on boost distribution. Problem is that all of them get countered too haed by the meta. Mainly by SR3.

Destroying Testa with my Turtle? Easy - but he will just swap in to SR3, destroys my Turtle without losing nearly any HP. And later on he still can switch back to the deer.

Just give some of these counters stunning resistance and a good part of the problem is solved.


It’s almost deer season… let’s just shoot it. :cowboy_hat_face:


I think you meant it was too strong in 2.9 but 2.10 corrected it (though I’m not so sure about that).

I’ve heard this narrative before about SR3 being the actual problem, but the timeline just doesn’t check out. If the deer itself isn’t the problem… then why wasn’t it OP in 2.8 when SR3 was there? It must just be a coincidence that it only became broken in 2.9, the same patch where it received massive buffs.


It was good in 2.8 in a swappy team with SR3, compsocaulus, etc. It just became silly good in 2.9 and is still silly good in 2.10. It’s clearly the buff of all the stats plus the healing the main issue but yes toxic quills only worsens the situation.


Well then if SR3 by itself was enough to make Testa strong, then surely those 2.9 buffs were overkill, and removing some of them shouldn’t be an issue? Because even if you introduce a few more counters for it, I dont see SR3 going anywhere.


I already took SR3 off of my team. He’s too unstable.


SR3 is not going anywhere indeed and Ludia still hasn’t fixed the critical ambush. It doesn’t behave as described in the game…


Give stun resistance to my turtle and that thing will immediately have a nerf thread lol


:eyes: testa now is more balanced i dont have any issue with it

Honestly i think the counter should stay. It’s one of those things that give the creature its identity and make It special. While It can be a point of imbalance, It only becomes a problem when combined with everything else, so If a trade is to be made I’d prefer to keep this ability and nerf other things that i believe are the fundamental cause of It being unbalanced.

The counter does indeed add more bulk to It, like you said, but it’s not the reason for It being able to kill fierce dinos. The main reasons would the higher than necessary damage combined with the fact that many fierce dinos lost vulnerability resistance on the previous update, along with the high speed. And it will only kill them when set up. Otherwise the counter doesn’t heal enough to prevent a fierce creature from killing It in 2 turns. It is naturally faster than what many people are willing to boost their fierce, so nerfing the speed is probably a must since then people would need to make the choice between faster than most boosted fierce but less bulk/damage and slower but bulkier/higher damage builds. As It is it just needs hp and damage boosts and it’s good to go against against a fierce when set up. I think 114-116 would be enough speed for It, 128 makes the boosting a no brainer, an optimal build with no sacrifice. It also has too much damage for something that has devastation, so that’s a point to be addressed since that along with the high speed(due to little to no trade off in boost builds) allows It to kill fierce dinos.
Nerfing the armor back to 40% instead of removing the counter would also be a possibility to lose the bulk.
The cleansing decelerating impact and the pin resistance are more obvious points of imbalance since It directly counters fierce, so not much to be said here. The vulnerability resistance is another unnecessary thing just gives It an edge against other resilients when It doesn’t need It.

When It comes to the counter, you can either remove that or nerf the stats(hp and armor). Any of those 2 things would probably serve the same end, they’re interchangeable in that regard. It’s a matter of preference, and i personally would prefer to keep the counter and just nerf the stats. I’d hate to see another creature lose a cool ability If there’s another way to balance it, just like what happened to tryko when It lost the old resilient counter.


one question though. why the counter heal wasnt removed :thinking: i thought it was removed


The swap in heal was removed, not the counter

oh ok then

Leave it as is! Just have a chomper in your team and problem solved. What did you think , killing deer with Resilients ? You had a bad draw of dinos for that match thats all. Speedy Thors and Morties does the same to a all resilient team . :man_shrugging:

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I see what you’re saying, but I think it would have to give up too much statwise in order to make this ability work (considering it may need a stat nerf in addition to losing the counter anyway). The way it works also isn’t as dynamic as something like Tryko having resilient counter: it doesn’t open up any new gameplay options beyond what something like improving it’s armor would already give it, because it doesn’t really give either player a significant way to use or play around this ability. Testacornibus always had a pretty solid kit from the start, so if it ever needed anything, it was just slightly better stats like it got in 2.9.

Besides, Testa isn’t the only dino with this ability; Parasaurolophus Lux has it too. To me it makes more sense for this to be the signature ability of Para Luxes eventual hybrid (or even given to Hadros as part of a rework, if Para Lux is eventually used to make Hadros Lux).