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I don't like nerf threads but this deer needs to be stopped

I know it ain’t new, but it has to be said (again). These are two different matches, one right after the other. I hate to do this since I grinded a lot to level up my Testa and it’s almost 30, but I have to say something cause if I were on the other side twice in a row I would be furious… And of course, we can’t forget this is even more common with Argenteryx on Epic tourneys…

So please Ludia, you need to do better on the “test drive” of these creatures… It’s one thing to 3-0 your opponent by outplaying him… It’s a completely different thing to do it by just keep pressing the same buttons with the same creature… Then if a counter comes in, just swap out and come back later after it’s taken down. This kind of victory doesn’t even feel good.


I think it says too much the fact that even players rhat use these op creatures feel disgusted about them.


It’s bad when you can’t even beat a creature with its direct counters… which is the case with the deer if you let it get devastation ready (or even just one turn away).

I have a lot more screenshots like this.


Ahh my biggest problem with deer is it drags matches out. Same with grypo. Both of them should be changed. Please for the sake of boredom and our time. Grypo too is very boring it takes too long, it drags matches out. I think deer healing less on counter will help a bit though. But these two are a snore fest.

Right grypo is not a solution to deer, it is a problem itself too. Because things that can kill deer…you can just swap boring old grypo into. Like dio and elania can kill deer but people just swap grypo into it with some sr3 swaps occasionally too. Both dio and elania need stun resist. And grypo is choking up deer counters like these. It’s not a solution to deer when it’s also part of the problem.

Players : Testa needs buff, it was too weak
Ludia : (* Hehehe boy… its time to milk this hybrid) ere is super Mega buff to turtle deer.
Players : Damn it was too OP, Nerf it
Ludia : Okay, i’d nerf it, but in wrong direction because we still need testa as our money maker :))
Players : It wasnt enough !! Please nerf it again remove CDI and CPH
Ludia in 2.12 update : Meh… I’d just nerf the CPH … Anyway Here is a better version of testa with shielded devastation, hope your money goes into… Ooppss i mean hope you enjoy this new creation.


Hehe, yeah…
On Friday we will find out if this topic is outdated and we need a new one for nerfing the first fusable Apex.

R.I.P Testa. With half healing, any Scorpio will crit-kill you in two hits :slightly_smiling_face:

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Exactly! I see all these people saying that Mortem counters Testa while it almost never does. When do you ever get the 1-1 with Testa still having the delay for Devastation. Are you starting with Morty? Because I can’t afford that (Speed build) (Also fewer and fewer players start with Testa anymore anyway).

So most of the time (practically always) I have to put my Morty against the Testa while it was already in the game for a turn or 2. Even though my Morty is at 144(!) speed, all it takes is 2 speed boosts for the Testa to outspeed me with a Dig-In (ridiculous). On top of that, because of the speed build I can’t have a lot of hp boosts so most of the time Devastation straight up one shots my Morty. What’s even worse, is that even if I would outspeed it after Dig-In, they almost always swap to Scorp-gen 3 at which point I could throw my phone out the window.

I haven’t hated a dino as much as Testa at any point in the game and I’ve been playing since launch. It’s so boring, frustrating, uncreative (if that’s a word) and time-consuming that I would like a Surrender button in pvp to end my misery. Who even enjoys winning with Testa or has like 10 minutes for a Testa mirror match?


Old indog2 can 3-0 your team and have 1hp left if it’s very lucky
Deer can 3-0 you with barely a scratch
Hate indog2 all you want but I personally find the latter more insulting


ok, its made of no exclusive components[nasuto will be a non exclusive creature after update] and its the most powerful creature in the whole game. pls nerf this thing


True, it has now absolutely No reason to be this Never has had despite it’s exclusive components, but it allowed to have an edge over other creatures. If we get a boost reshuffle with testas nerf you can gut it

I just can’t believe someone here asks for a nerf for the deer because their ferocious creatures are exposed to SR3 and CompyC

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I think we need fierce creatures buffed rather than Testa nerfed. Mortem and Tryko need buffs, and Keratoporcus and Alloraptor are in need of superhybrids. More Fierce hybrids would also be nice. A Dio buff could also help so it can counter Testa properly without getting destroyed by everything else.

I don’t think it will actually make a big difference if you buff Fierce unless you absolutely make them busted. Cunnings have gotten a bit too good (amazingly, considering they were once the weakest of the three), particularly with the abundance of moves which District + Dodge + Speedup + extra effect(s). Flocks haven’t helped either, though honestly I find creatures like CompC to be considerably less sinful in terms of their effect on the meta than things like Scorp3, Coeluro, and Bax–even though none of these are really OP, they have such extremely one-sided interactions with Fierce that they (along with a handful of others) pretty much gatekeep Fierce from joining the meta in any meaningful manner.

I mainly depends on what the fierce has. While you can’t do much with something like Thor other than raising stats and resistances to unreasonable levels, creatures like Tryko have potential. Give Tryko new resistances and a better counter, and it could do well in the meta while being pretty good against Testa. A Keratoporcus superhybrid has even more potential, with Mutual Fury, group damage, and pretty good speed for a fierce. Just something to help pummel through resilient while not being sitting ducks against cunning would be really nice to have.


Who remembers when nobody was talking about Testa because it was absolute garbage back then? Those were the days.


It wasn’t garbage, it was more of a niche pick but not worth the effort for an exclusive based unique.


You justa have to use the right dinos against it!!

i wonder how the new testa apex can be even stronger than testacornibus.


Last update changed nothing
Still horrible to fight, only my grypo can do something when the deer doesn’t run away.
My mortem get insta switch by scorpius, phoru… so it doesn’t work.
I had tryko before but it’s one of the worst unique with 0 resistance now. I can’t keep tryko just for testa as I will loose against all other Dino’s.

When deer is out my chance of winning is 10%, 2% when I haven’t my grypo, at least my scorpius is here and stun the deer.

Just rekt my scorpius, my hadros and my gorgotrebax and is still 50% healthy.
The deer can’t be distracted, barely be stunned, can’t be slowed, can’t be vulnerable, and can still escape from grypo, if not my grypo survive with 20% hp so I don’t start well the fight, supposing it was directly grypo vs testa, if not I have already lost a creature.

It cleanse all the time so you can’t bleed it. Plus it slow down all ur creatures and go through dodging. I don’t know what to do. Please tell me @Ned what I’m suppose to do ? It’s been months people are complaining about this, where is the point ?