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I don't like nerf threads but this deer needs to be stopped

Agreed. Evidenced by the fact that top players are now dropping Testa for bigger/better Bearsta now.

People dropping testa?:eyes:it would make more sense to drop mrhino now for apex bear

It would make more sense to drop monolorhino for parasauthops.

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Agreed, Testa is way easier to counter now. My Antarctovenator has a 9-1 kd ratio against it. In this screenshot it just killed his Indotaurus and still had enough hp to take out his test of corn.

I have many more screenshots

apex bearā€¦sure call me in 2023ā€¦testa needs a boost too many people not willing to work a counter got it destroyed adn its not like its super easy to buildā€¦i mean sigh.same goes for paarra quite a few have that but the unlucky unwashed like me who have darted 12 since the red menace was released find it a litle hardā€¦so hey why not nerf that into the groundā€¦