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I don't like nerf threads but this deer needs to be stopped

I was just about to say nerf the deer. I keep getting swept every time I fight that stupid thing because it keeps cleansing and healing itself and it just won’t die

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That’s exactly that, thanks for saying the truth !

well… i’m still here to say thor is a counter. :rofl:
but morten already was, isn’t now even better counter (thanks to morten buff)?

for testa “nerfs”:

  • i can’t see much difference for swap in heal change… testa already was beating 1v1 without that, loooool.
  • stun resistance reduced to 67% still is a lot of resistance.
  • swap prevention resistance reduced for what? avoid swap to sr3? to make sure grypolyth will pin testa to death? or maybe someone would use spinonyx against?

seems still too powerful.


Well I just 3-0 for about the fifth time with it………


but a testa at balanced level/boosts? or a testa at much higher level, or fully boosted against balanced boosted teams?

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Just in the tournament. Everything lvl 26

I’ve now both used faced it in the tournament.

It does indeed need stopping!

It would be a very viable creature even without the rampage.

Last fight it made a mess of 3 of my dinos in a row.

I was bringing dinos in thinking ‘aha i’ve got you now, this is the perfect counter’ but no!

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All hail the swap-in Grypo! Now in my tourney team just for this job.

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well… very frustrating.

i usually like tournaments very much. but there are 2 things ruining the experience:

  1. speed tie (maybe i should make another thread about this eternal problem)
  2. testacornibus (specially when my counter options are not selected)

i only played today to help alliance points. one of my battles has testacornibus versus skoonasaurus. the battle toke more than 10 minutes. no great differences when happens testa vs testa.

everytime testa is selected, battles takes too long. VERY frustrating.

it’s about that same thing i told about in other topic: TOO MUCH healing abilites, even after nerfing the less used one (swap in heal).

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Ludia: haha you lose swap in heal, stun and swap out immunity!

Testa: oh no……… anyway.


It has way too much armor. It heals too much. It cleanses everything and has way too many resistances. The fact that people can sweep teams or come back from 0-2 just because of this mistake is ridiculous. Nerf this deer or take it out of the game entirely.

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@The_blaze I’m 100% with you here.
Take it out of the game for sure as it certainly isn’t a Dino and would only have ever been good as food for real dinos.
For this abomination to be taking out dinosaurs it would never stand a chance with is just ridiculous and makes a mockery of the game.
Shame on Ludia for this zombie like abhorrent joke of a creature.

Don’t see any reason to nerf it further. It’s balanced.
Strong creature that has plenty of counter. It’s not unbalanced. If someone is still struggling with the deer it’s because you have an unbalanced team.

A monolorhino has not beaten my deer yet (always both level 30). I do think the deer is still a bit too strong – it only has a few reliable counters, and a deer user will just swap it away if you bring out mortem or tenrex (usually into a scorp g3 :roll_eyes: ). However, all these calls to “nerf it to the ground” are ridiculous. We should never wish for any creature, especially a difficult-to-level one requiring an exclusive component, to be made useless. We should want things to be balanced. The bigger variety of useful creatures, the better.


Agreed 100%

Lol you’re joking right like the time you said remove ceramagnus from the game

I don’t like its speed, 128 is way too fast for a pure resilient.
Its on par/faster than all the Cunning apexs.
I know its a deer but its also part tortoise.
It should only be 128 after its own speed buff, so I’m presuming the speed would have to be between 114 to 116


This exactly. Forcing players to use nitro chompers isn’t the answer, and limits the number of useful builds by requiring that players dump far too many boosts into their chompers’ speed. The other stats suffer as a result.

Imagine the outrage if Mortem’s (and other chompers) speed was buffed to 128-132. Speed matters and testa’s speed is highly problematic given its pure resilient role, with massive damage output and survivability.


Related unpopular opinion - all game companies need to realize that anything with heavy armor on it is going to be slowed down by it.

Having a heavily armored deer be the same speed as a squishy thing like Magna is ridiculous.