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I don't like nerf threads but this deer needs to be stopped

I still don’t get why people have such a problem with testa’s speed spesificly

When trying to properley nerf testa i think the best way of doing it is looking at the pre 2.9 testa and what it got in 2.9, then taking away some of the buffs that made it broken

And it’s match up against chompers (pre and post 2.9) is pretty much the same, it can’t deal enough dmg to take them out t2 if it doesen’t have devestation already, and both thor and mortem deal more then enough dmg to kill it t2

If testa does have devestation ready then yes it can kill the chompers if it has enough hp, but to me the dmg combined with the overall survivability seems way more problematic here then the speed does

I’d be fine with a speed nerf if we got it backdown to 127, so at least it no longer speedties with magna, spyx and phoru, but besides maybe that, i think dmg and hp (and armor) nerfs would adjust the problematic aspects of testa

Even so the speed is probably too high for balance reasons alone. You need chompers to take out Testa, but then you need to nitro boost them to actually beat it (meaning they’ll be weaker in their other stats and also may outspeed some cunnings). Testa doesn’t need to be as slow as Carbonemys, but it should be slower than it is now.


Testa killed my rhino, my mortem and my hadros and is still full hp.
Good job @Ludia_Developers , very interesting game


It’s ironic that a deer is the most powerful creature in a dinosaur game. It’s still way too oppressive and needs further balancing.


Really all it needs is to lose the counter heal. Because before it got the counter it was balanced.

Testa needs rebalancing, in my opinion, as most other creatures can be chipped away at even if you don’t have a direct counter, but not Testa.
If you don’t draw one of the very few counters, it will run through your team with barely a scratch. The combination of armour and speed, resistances, devastation with a 1-turn cooldown and all the healing/cleansing means it has no obvious weakness to exploit.

I’d remove the on-escape heal and replace it with on-escape shield. That reduces the swap-in kill chance but enables a better counter to enter the field without being punished. It also gives bleeders a better chance to bleed and leave.


Agreed. It’s one of the most broken creatures in the game now. It’s so ridiculous that it’s able to cleanse with 2 moves, reduce speed with 2 moves, have heal as its counter attack and only 1 turn cooldown on the devastation!


Exactly! That’s my thinking too. I’m surprised that Ludia didn’t think about that. So crazy.


What is surprising with the way testacornibus has been handled is that we cannot even accuse Ludia to be greedy here as many players already had it at level 30 or close to before it was buffed in 2.9 or 2.8, I can’t remember which version. Indotaurus and phorurex are clear money grabs but not testacornibus. It has to be linked to poor game testing (most likely no testing at all…).


I know a lot of people who never bothered to level up the deer - until it was buffed, of course. I’m not touching it because I can’t afford to lose all the coins to get it to level 30 only for it to be nerfed again.

…Then again, with this game, it’s almost impossible to level up anything to 30 with that mindset.


This is one of the biggest problems I have with the game. Yes, things do need to be nerfed sometimes, otherwise you get stuff like this deer winning way too many matchups. But Ludia tends to take things too far, so that nerfed creatures are no longer viable. So as a player, you don’t feel comfortable investing in anything. Why level up a top tier dino if there’s a good chance it’s going to be useless in a month? Why boost anything when there’s a good chance your boosts will get stuck on a useless dino in the near future?


The question I ask myself is is Ludia losing more potential customers behaving as they do or are they making enough money with the few that spend to chase the meta and the rankings?


Seriously this. I enjoy leveling the end game stuff as best I can, as hunting is still my favorite aspect, but when things finally get something to 30, I have SERIOUS doubts on whether to commit any boosts and put it on the team due to the history we’ve seen time and time again by Ludia.

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I am just going to say I agree with the above, so my opinion is noted. I don’t really have anything new to contribute because it’s all been said. The deer is still broken.


Let me add this here……

Donatello vs Bambi

Match up of epic proportions…


Every other resilient creature can be killed by attrition. The deer can’t. It has effective counters, but the win quality in all other matchups is just too good thanks to all the healing and armor it has.

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More proof that the deer is broken. It has the potential to out-damage mortem along with several others, while having its insane bulk, kit, stats and resistances. Sure in order to produce that damage a lot of things have to align just so, but regardless the thing just does way too much damage even when hitting a normal devastation (no vul, no crit).

Even with the resistance nerfs this thing is still blatantly OP.


The nerf was a joke. The swapping in heal wasn’t even the problem. It needs to lose the counter heal.

Also anyone that says Mortem is a good counter, well yes it is assuming they don’t swap out the instant they see mortem, which happens every single time for me.


Couldn’t agree more with the need to rebalance this grossly OP monstrosity. As if the game hasn’t already been getting progressively more aggravating.


Anyone can take a bunch of screenshots with favorable matchups.