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I don't like nerf threads but this deer needs to be stopped

cough cough swap in Scorpius G3 on Thor cough cough


Then wait to die only. :rofl:

Thor is too slow for Testa. If it isn’t, it’s going to lack the damage output necessary to finish the job. And if Testa is set up Thor’s as good as done (then again, nothing can really take down a set up Testa).

Ask yourself this: if Thor was really the answer, why is it not being used by all the top teams? I haven’t seen a Thor on the shores in months. If using Thor was all it took this thread wouldn’t exist.

Hopefully Testa is further balanced this next patch. It’s such a pain to face and still reprehensibly OP.

It’s also boring. It’s the same exact scenario, and I swear even though it says 33% res on swap prevention, the ones I face seem to be in the high 80s or my grypo is defective. It needs more tweaking, or at this point it, could get the full monomimus treatment and I wouldn’t bat an eyelash. I am so sick of it.


No nerfs to the demon deer in the next update, it seems.

I don’t think any creature deserves what happened to monomimus. However I agree the deer needs a nerf asap

They are out of their minds if they think that it’s ok, especially with all the strong opinions on it

It’s not confirmed how many creatures are getting nerfs in the next update. It’s going to be very small, but can’t rule anything out at this stage.

very good point. If I never see that thing appear across from me again i’ll be ok. It IS the meta now.

The best way to deal with deer is using the deer also. Even im not really agree with further nerf of this deer, but more tweak just to make it become fragile in battle is not a good option. As for now we have more and more hybrids coming, sooner this deer will also just becoming a display in your storage. As for now Indotaurus is coming to become the next top favourite after Phorurex. I know it’s pain to kill the deer without counter unit like Grypo :crocodile:.

Sorry deer vs deer is utter pain. Also, they just swap from Grypo since they have 2 cleansing moves and survivability. Then comes the compies or SR3 and your grypo is toast or at least you have to swap out and take damage since their critter is already primed. It needs tweaking ,nerfing, ruination, whatever you want to call it. Come play in the shores where they are all max boosted. Its a very boring place right now. Its the deer swap meta.


I’ve never seen a creature as broken as Testa, people who say it isn’t are just basking in its glory, I’m one of them lol.

Why am I here complaining? Simple, Testa vs Testa is annoying.

I’m still highly stumped to the nerfing of Skoona when this thing is running wild.


Well put. At least you aren’t in denial!


To stop the deer, annoy the opponent. Send out a tank and exit the app

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I find it mind boggling that this thing hasn’t been nerfed In 2.11 despite all the requests and topics about it.

I guess Ludia hasn’t made enough money off of it to nerf it yet.



Leave poor Bambi alone! The turtle deer wants to pummel large, sharp toothed carnivores and such. Just let 'em do its thing and bask in its glory.

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But this is a monstrous, mutated Bambi


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