I don't like the RNG involved in the park events


I went to 2 parks in my hometown with a total of 17 Event supply drops 3 times since yesterday to get the irritator DNA but so far could only dart 7/18. So 7/51 spawns were irritator. It is just frustrating to have something as awesome as irritator in the event and then to not be able to get it simply because RNG says no.


Well…it’s supposed to be tough. 7 out of 18 isn’t too bad for one day, though. And we did get an extra whole day to go out and get Rare creatures, too, since the Common event ended a day early.

Best of luck with the Irritator darting!


I’m having the same issue. We have tons of parks where I live, so lots of event drops, but I only found 2 irritators in the bunch. Everything else, and I mean everything, was a Rex gen 2, or there was no spawn under the drop. I shot at a few just to have something to shoot, but I was really hoping for some Pyrritator ingredients…


Well, many of us didn’t bother to USE that extra day because we didn’t KNOW they canceled the commons a day ahead of schedule.

Finding out after the fact…irked me, to say the least. At least I had a whole day on the farm to get ahead on some of the more tedious tasks so it was out of sight, out of mind; not like I spent the day inside twiddling my thumbs.

Still pretty annoying, though.


Finding irritators certainly has been… irritating

Hope you have better luck today!