I don't see how swap-in and DoT can change current Stegodeus meta


Even if you keep that suchumimus 50% DoT as a feature (not a bug) :joy:

So many superiority strikes, so many immnue dinos, so few high-rarity swap-in dinos.

And of course please share if you find a easy way to handle Stegodeus.


Allosino seems to hard counter it now. Utasino can interrupt the sup strike with instant charge too.

But yeah. I hate overlevelled stegod. I have one, and its not fun.


The cure for an over leveled Stegodeus is a high level T-rex. Mine’s a level 24 and can deal 5000+ damage in 2 attacks without a critical hit


Not sure that most players would sacrifice all that T-Rex DNA, though, considering the sheer number of hybrids T-Rex has…but I won’t go into that. Every player has their own priorities.

While Stegodeus is powerful, it takes 4 to make a team. I’m interested to see what other combinations of creatures with SIA will surface in the battle arena.


Everyone thinks Stegadeus is OP and yet no one seems to care about a tank that has two rounds of invincibility with no delay, a cleansing slow, amd 75% stun…


Trag has low HP and low damage.


In arena 8 and up, trag is never a threat. It has situational use but dies quickly.


I find trag to be amazing. Knowing when to time your shield is key. Took down 2 dinos 1 of them indom and half health a third before it dies


In high arenas 8+ evrybody have few uniques and legendary who are inmunes, break shields and can deal easy vs trago, mine is 24 and kicked of my team xd


That 2 turn invincibility almost equal to the time Trago could survive in arena 8 or upper.
Damage output and hp are not enough.


Can a lv20 allosino handle a lv23 Stegodeus? Will it be 2HKO since it’s slower?


instant charge has a 1 turn delay. Worst case you nearly kill it.


To the OP,

Ever try to survive indefinitely with Ankyntro? You see, even with superiority strike, a Spinotahraptor will be a severe annoyance, especially if the stegodeus user decides to go for a killing blow or a slowing blow that isn’t superiority strike. It has to spam SS in order to cleanse the DOT’s away, severely lowering damage output. There’s plenty of ways Stegodeus gets beat or severely wounded. Also the Deus busters are Tryostronix, Trykosaurus, Indoraptor etc. Even stuff like Utahsino, Allosino, and Paramoloch (with 2 75% chance stuns in two turns) are super annoying. And that’s not mentioning the dreaded Stegodeus vs Stegodeus mirror match.

Plenty of high-level counters for the Stegod. They’re just up there in the unique and difficult to level legendary tier.


Only tryko can guarantee a kill, for this most accessible legendary dino. :thinking:


That’s like saying “indoraptor isn’t that great because it can’t guarantee a kill” —indo used to be the bane of everyone’s existence, even after nullify was added to remove cloak. But people just realize sometimes it’ll take a second dino to take indo down. She’s just that powerful. Stegodeus is the same. But when you use something with armor piercing and defense shattering, you’re probably GOING to lose it because all the stuff with armor piercing and defense shattering is squishy AF. They’re called glass cannons for a reason.


1 superior strike + 1 defense piercing rampague is kore than 3k from my stegodeus, you must have a spinotasuchus at lvl 28 at least to survive that xd


after these buffs utahsinoraptor is actually good against stegod. if you play correctly .just remember to run away as soon as stegod shields up but before then, you are good to go


People will quickly find a way to counter buffed IC. I guess use shield instead of SS in turn one.


SS should be nerfed, reduce speed by 10% instead of 33%, so that fast dinos can at least have a chance wear off half of a tank’s HP.


Utahsin is a Stegod killer.

If dot was designed to be good against Apotosaurus I really can’t comment. Tank meta was not Apotosaurus.

Dot won’t work in high level Arena where cure or immunity are ubiquitous.

SIA seems to take some old slow vulnerable dino’s. Carcass as metahub classifies. Then give them a dramatic entrance before they immediately die. The carcass dino’s need fixing with buffs not encouraged to jump into a fight with buffs they die before using. Give them speed armor or Hp.

I fell for 1.4 maybe more than anyone else. It didn’t change anything other than 1 delay instant stun attacks.