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I don't think I understand this change in Stego family


Does this mean Carnotarkus is losing her counter attack (33%) in favor of a ridiculous slowing attack in a full immune meta?

Is this real? Is it only for new co-op events? Is just a ludia joke?

Or just my English is getting worse and worse?

Wait for 1.15 notes, hopefully immune meta is about to end


And they wrote that now counter stegos focus mostly on deceleration, meaning maybe Tarkus’ll keep his counter

Yeap, re-reading it I realized about that specific but important word. Maybe Miragaia loses her piercing attack…

Most likely there won’t be immune meta anymore.

These are Stegosaurs not Sauropods. How they will change Sauropods we will see. Probably Ardentis will lose DSR. Ardonto and Ardentis are only Sauropods with such attack.

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Ops, they are Stegous, yes, not sauropds. The post is referring to Stegus.

Miragaia loses it for sure. She’s the only stegosaurus with an AP counter, so the image is without doubt about her.
Really not sure about Tarkus. All I know is that he’ll probably exchange one of his moves for Thagomizer. I guess Precise Rampage but not sure about that

It would be great, but how do you know that? Ludia only said that there’ll be big balancing changes. Maybe these changes’ll affect immunes, maybe not

I’m not a fan of making all creatures in one family the same for the arena too. I was already not a fan of how they’ve stripped the ceratopsians of their individuality so now they all operate the same with that dig-in thing.


I agree. Maxima and Ardonto could go with the other anti-tank tanks though, like the Rhinos and the Mammoth.
Although I suppose Tarkus could’ve fit in there too.

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Even if they won’t change immunes, they will change others. Its unlikely that changes won’t at least indirectly affect immune creatures.

Immunity should go away imo, or at least be rare (only dimetrodon-like dinos), it just breaks all the tactics that you could implement, because the dino is countering everything you do (stuns, slows, bleeds) through a passive ability - this renders a lot of dinos useless.
On top of that you get boosted enemies that are immune, so yea…good luck implementing any kind of tactic. At least without them being immune you can try something…
I have immune dinos in my team, of course, because they are so strong, but I could go without them if it means we all go without them :smiley:
There are cleansing impacts, mutual fury and all that jazz that you can use to cleanse, rework the bleeds so they aren’t that strong (to account for immunity going away - for example make the bleed deal more dmg with every tick, for example 20% + 30% +50% to amount to same 100% dmg but allow a 1st turn cleanse while only taking 20% dmg instead of 33% as it’s now) and also tweak/balance other abilities that will be too strong if immunity goes away (stunning rampage or so).

It made sense for dimetrodon for example to be immune, because that dino is so low hp and 0 armor and not too fast. But when you give immunity to a creature that has another distraction/cloak/big hp…you make it unbalanced against many dinos and only countered by a handful of dinos (and not by tactics)…that breaks the game.

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That’s why immune meta is the worst meta ever. All debuffs lose sense when your opponent is immune. No tactics here, you just have to burst through these immunes

It would be nice if the thagomizer also bleed opponents, just to make it more realistic and lethal.

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It’s possible these are co-op changes only, and it says “mostly” so I’m sure they’re referencing Miragaia anyway. I wouldn’t read into it until I see patchnotes with thorough explanations

And of course this is announced the day after I have upgraded my miragaia.

Doubt that they would reset boosts just for co-op changes. Either they will introduce new boosts or they will do big changes on creatures.

I don’t think they would. It’s a part of the secondontosaurus parent. I think Sauropods will rely on slowing and defense, which is what it has in the form of decel impact and invincibility

Or they wanted to give players a chance to allocate boosts into strong co-op dinos that aren’t on their typical arena team?

But who knows how it’ll work out