I don't think my team is correct

Thylacotator no boosts tyrannolophosaur: attack2 health: 2 speed:2 megalotops no boosts indominus rex health: 2 attack: 2 speed:2 allosinosaurus no boosts indoraptor Gen 2 speed:2 health:2 attack:2 ankylodicurus: health:1 attack And speed 0 scorpios Rex Gen 2 no boosts

I mean, other than maybe losing your Tyrannolophosaur or Allosino for another Resilient your team is fine as is.

It would probably be best to swap it out for Brachiosaurus or Sinoceratops for the time being. Focus on leveling yourself up to 18 (I think that’s when Apex raids are unlocked), and find yourself a decent, active alliance, and you can start working on Ceramagnus and Hadros Lux with just your base level Tryostronix to bring to the team.

Edit: Also, what @th3g3ntl3m4n said


Adding to what @Persianking44 was saying, I would stop wasting the boosts on this team as well.

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Might replace allosino with tryo but its a good team

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You have too much Fierce and not enough resilient
Replace the tyrannolophosaur for the Brachiosaurus and you’ll be fine

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Your team is too Fierce heavy. I’d replace Tyraannolopho for either Brachio or work on Ankylodocirus

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Should I go for Arctalces?

It’s terrible it’s only use is to fuse the apex. 100% Bumpymoloch is a better choice. Rajakylo and Dioraja later on are somewhat decent if you’re really pushing for Anky Lux

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What about entelceros

Try to level up argenteryx and put in on your team in place of allosino

Honestly its pretty good

Eceros is really good and versatile

Imagine going against a fully boosted phorurex

A dropper obviously. Though why waste boosts on this legendary…

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Any team will find its place in the pecking order in some range of trophy’s. It looks like you have a decent team for what you have. Keep growing creatures but not past their use for a hybrid. It’s always fun to have a good variety to play with than just growing the most used creatures.


What about smilocephalosaurus

It’s up there with Anky. I wouldn’t level it past 20 though because it can suddenly get a non apex mega hybrid

Who should smilocephalosaurus

I wouldn’t use Smilocephalo

Enteloceros is great