I dont understand friendly battles


You dont get anything right? Why not just battle in arena


Think it. You want to play with a friend that has 1400 trophies less than you. You cant match in the arena.


I suppose if you want to play with real life friends then yes, it makes sense. I dont know real peeps that play this so I guess Im wondering why I need to accept friends in the game when I could just grind arena


You certainly don’t have to accept any friend requests if you don’t want to.

I don’t know anyone IRL that plays the game, so I’ve held off on participating in Friendly Battles at this time, but I still accept requests from recent opponents just for kicks.


I wish it had a chat system or at least a private message system for friends. I’ve accepted 2 friend requests and did some private battles but when I’m hunting i don’t want to be bothered I’ve now removed those friends because they kept inviting me during my hunts. I would’ve liked to have done the nice thing and just said, “sorry I’m busy” or something but i just had to remove them. I’d like either love chat or an Emote system added.


You don’t have to accept a challenge right then, but I agree, I may want to do so later and some way of communicating (even a NOT NOW response) would be nice. Chat or messaging even better.

I don’t want to remove anyone, though, who invited me to be a friend (someone did this to me and I’m wondering why :thinking: … silly, I know).


Yeah, I feel bad when I reject somebody’s battle request. It is also a good way to test out new Dino’s that you aren’t sure would be good in the arena. I tested out some of the new hybrids and the Big Giraffe.