I dont understand the 3 rules to get m'y reward from a other game

IMG_6412(Sorry for my bad english)
Hey guys i would like how i can get the cash reward from "Pop Slot And Collection "
IM lvl 18 but i dont Know how unlock “New Vegas Casino & claim my free rewards”
Help me please :blush:

I wouldn’t bother with any casino ones unless you’ve got money to burn, and if you do, just buy the bucks outright.

To answer your question, though:

  1. You need to install the game. Once you do, presumably there will be some free chips to wager just for installing to get you excited to play the game.

  2. There seems to be a level system in place. In any other game that might come with experience, this might sound fine but in a gambling game I’d bet real money (heh) that they want you to spend actual cash to keep playing and spinning while accumulating this slot-machine-XP. It may wind up costing you a small fortune to achieve this.

  3. I’m assuming from the wording that at some point after hitting lvl 18 you can “unlock” another casino of sorts, and that’s what they want you to do. Maybe this is solely based on your level, and maybe they want you to pay for the unlock - it’s not mentioned. However, what is mentioned is they want you to feel rushed: you need to do this all within 7 days.

Do yourself a favour and skip this one.

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Thank you for your answer, im lvl 18 but i didnt see how unlock the 3steps, i Check again and again but u didnt find it :frowning:

Did you “unlock new Vegas casinos”? That seems to be important to step 3.

Hey Xenium000, these offers are provided by Tapjoy, so if you have any questions, contact their staff, and they’ll be happy to help you. Take a look at our FAQ here: https://ludia.helpshift.com/a/jurassic-world-alive/?p=all&s=hot-topics&f=i-had-an-issue-with-an-offer-i-took-part-in-what-should-i-do

Wrong person to reply to, Ned, but thank you.

What’s up Xenium000? Did youbl figure it out yet? I have the same problem and couldn’t figure it out and I have to prove that I completed the task. Then it came to me. New vegas casino is the Vegas casino’s IN THE REWARD section. There’s a rewards section and as you unlock more levels you unlock more rewards or places you can get discounts at. And thank you because if you didn’t post this it wouldn’t have made me think. I try not to that much. Lol. Thanks.

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24jmo I bought a reward from the reward section but I still didn’t get any coins in the other game which reward for you buy

I mean which one did you got

I downloaded a specialty bejeweled game just because of the massive amount of bucks it awarded but wound up playing it a lot because it was actually really cool on its own, but beyond that each of the apps is very different for each person. I’ve done only two major Tapjoy offers: this other bejeweled game, and I bought razor blades to be delivered to my house because I had been thinking of buying them that way anyway (it’s cheaper to buy online & ship than it is to get them at the store) and this way I got bucks for them. While the game was quick enough to hand out the bucks for JWA, the shaving razor offer took about a month to sort through, no thanks to Tapjoy.

I still maintain that any of these apps that require you to make a purchase and you’re thinking about doing it, DON’T. If you want to make bucks without paying anything, filter through the offers until you find something you’d have the time and inclination to do. If you’re willing to spend money, then save yourself the headache and just buy the bucks from Ludia directly through JWA.

Does anyone got the reward already or figure it out? Need response please

I realize there’s the ‘Hit the Strip’ game and when you’ve filled up the bar you can enter a Casino to spin for chips?

I haven’t reached level 18 yet but I thought maybe that might be Step 3.

Did anyone figure it out ? I am also stacked at 3 part so if anyone received the reward or figure it out pls let me know.