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I don't understand throwers

I can’t seem to understand any logic of the throwers I encounter. The whole purpose of throwing is to end the game quickly, meanwhile the throwers I encounter take the longest route to losing constantly spamming heals. Please someone explain the thought process to me cause I’m trying to wrap my head around these mental gymnastics.

I don’t understand the play style either. I often find opponents who wait till the timer hits 1 or 2 before hitting their move and I don’t understand it. It just spoils the match.

I think the worst ones I’ve come across are those that will use a move, swap, use a move, swap, use a move, swap and so on. And it just pads out the match :confused: (and no it’s not the AI or dinos who have swap in damage/abilities).

Sometimes I feel like it’s just the other player trying to flex, especially if they have stronger dinos, but it’s so boring lol


What exactly you don’t understand? The logic is simple: trophies are less valuable than time or incubators. Your trophies depend mainly on DNA you collected and boosts you applied. The number of battles or time spent in PVP doesn’t matter at all. It doesn’t give you anything except useless virtual number. You only need one day of fighting to collect points for your alliance, but other 29-30 days of fighting are simple waste of time. The exceptions are incubators, because your getting some boosts through them. So the goal is: get maximum possible incubators within least possible time. The problem is that you can get incubators only when you win, but with victory you receiving useless trophies and have to fight with stronger opponents. Fortunaly you dont have to waste your own time while dropping throphies - just leave your phone aside and your opponent will do everything while you do some other important things. At the end of the day win 6 easy battles and fill all incubators - it much faster and waste less nerves…

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