I don't understand......why?

Because Magnapyritor has nullufing impact if none of its components have it and also, it is unsportsmanlike that a fierce class can counteract an astute.

I know he’s sneaky too, but come on, other creatures got a nerf for less


The question is…why not?


Don’t you think it is unfair for a “fierce” to counter the cunning? Ardentismaxima was nerfed by “fierce” class and they took away my resistance to distraction and Magna corrupts that, it is stupid to counteract something that MUST NOT counteract

so the question is why does he have it?

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It’s cunning fierce, and nullify is a neutral abulity


but it counteracts cars and as I repeat, other creatures were nerfed for less or equal

it tends to come around cunnings
name one pure resilient or pure fierce with a nullification ability
actually… name 5

there is only one who is “pure cunning”, Diplocaulus Gen2 and have nulled skill

when i say pure i mean not fierce-resil
or resil-/fierce

so procerathomimus
resil-cunning, fierce-cunning, and wild card still counts as cunning in this discussion

Ohhh ok my mistake

as far as i know it’s always had null impact. even back when it was fully immune. and back then NI had a 1 turn cooldown. Magna is fine with it.


@Ned I still wonder why Magna was left untouched and indoraptor was given poor treatment…


It’s not that it’s on mixed creatures, but nullify doesn’t counter any one thing, but can counter most any creature. Mags is fine as is

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Because mags is hard to make, while indo is handed out like candy


I mean, Magna is balanced as It is. But i personally wouldn’t mind If It had fierce impact in place of nullifying impact. It would help in some resilient matchups but be worse against cunning. I’m against nerfing magna as It is currently balanced, but that specific change isn’t a nerf, so it’s totally fine by me :man_shrugging:


Magna is not bad, but it needs to change it is obvious that it will not be as dominated as before, but let’s face it, with that speed, damage and resistances, defeating it requires 1 or 2 creatures.

“Magna is fine” is obvious, but being able to counter a cunning is very stupid indeed, a critical impact or even a ferous strike would be fine, little by little it will be a dominated creature and will have a gargantuan nerf. I don’t think we want a nerf like procerat on Magna right?

Unlikely that would happen, since magna is a difficult to make unique, but Procerathomimus is an epic that every person can get and level quickly

Maxima I wouldn’t think the same

It wasnt nerfed as hard as the rat

but he became a big nerf when he saw that he is not in several teams

He actually is still on many top teams