I don't understand......why?

it’s a cunning fierce hybrid. Countered by pure cunning. Erlidom, orion and spyx guaranteed. Rinnex needs to win the speed tie.


in the 5 best teams it is not, verified

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Those guys are far, FAR ahead of most players and as such have the ability to run non meta creatures

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and what do you have? literally the majority have to win by speed ties. erlidom attacks with DI, Magna uses DI or NI with critical, switch to another creature and goodbye erlidom.
phoru was nerfed at all costs (not literally)
Is a example

I have criticized Magna here before and only got ignored, cause since 90% of mid-high level players seems to use this thing, no one wants to have that discussion… I’ll just say this. Yes, Magna is balanced on equal grounds, but when you add boosts to it… well, not so much… Same happens with other dinos, I know… And when tons of people get the same creature and do the same freaking build, I think it’s a discussion worth having. I’m fed up of seeing 162+ speed Magnas in almost all my matches…


the stats boost are a problem since an inclusion to the game, but you’re right people don’t want me to change magna, because they are used to using it as is, because they will lose with creatures that now they can win. I don’t know why, but that’s the players

No, it’s actually because magna is perfectly balanced and doesn’t need to change. No one is screaming nerf thor even tho OB thors are still a plague


I personally don’t see a problem with Magna having nullifying impact. Nullifying, like cleansing, can be claimed to be too strong on just about anything. “Why can a fierce cleanse distraction?” “Why can a cunning cleanse slow?” “Why can a resilient cleanse bleed?” “Why can a fierce remove dodge?” “Why can a cunning remove shields?” “Why can a resilient remove damage boosts?” Everyone needs to realize that nullifying and cleansing moves will pretty much always be strong no matter what creature has them. So any dinos with these abilities should be balanced accordingly, especially considering their resistances and immunities. But even so, Nullifying Impact isn’t the reason Magna is as strong as it is. So if you did think Magna was too strong, losing nullifying impact wouldn’t change that.


you may be right i feel like i’m the only one who thinks / feels like she needs a little change

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Your right but… magna and even monole add to the problem of cloak and evasive Dino’s.

The question is do they really need to nullify to be good… and that answer is no. Would cloak and evasive benefit from having a few less Dino’s able to remove their cloak and evasive. Maybe.

So from a statistical stand point I don’t think their op even monole… but they do help contribute to the oppression of cloak and evasive Dino’s… so do resilients and some wildcards. But most of them should counter cloak and evasive.

Giving say indo a positive match up against magna doesn’t really hurt magna he is still good in a lot of other situations. But giving indo a positive matchup against magna might just be enough to make it playable.


It’s their job to counter them

Again, nullify is central to their role in combat

That was their job before 2.0, and it still is

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what are you talking about?
the only one that has to worry about a speed tie is rinnex.
as for DI into swap against an erlidom, same can be said against magna. i don’t see the point in arguing about taking damage then being swapped into when both can have it happen to them and both can loose.

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That’s not their job thought they are fierce cunning hybrids which are good against resilient and fierce. They don’t need nullify to be good against resilience because they have fierce attacks and they don’t need nullify for fierce because that’s what there distraction is for.

Nullify only exists to counter a Dino they are Not supposed to be good against in cunning.

nullify: Cleanse, but used against trick ponies

I agree. On one hand, losing nullifying impact wouldn’t make Magna any worse in most matchups. On the other hand, that means that it can afford to lose it without sacrificing any power. It would also depend on what they replaced it with (maybe critical impact?). Dodge and cloak could definitely use fewer counters, and Indo being able to counter Magna would definitely boost it’s own utility.

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it’s their job to counter them

Should a Fierce-cunning counter a Cunning? definitely not. I would have believed you if it was before 2.0

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I mean Magna has counters literally counted on fingers

the point is that none of its components have it, it shouldn’t have it because none of its components have it.

then indom shouldn’t have cloak cause none of its components have it.


I somewhat disagree. While they traditionally have had access to these moves, I feel like Resilients should be the ones countering dodge, and Magna and Monolometerodon are everything BUT Resilient. Like I said, there’s always some argument for why nullify is too strong on any non-Wild Card (Magna happens to fall into the “fierce removing dodge” category), but that’s bound to happen if any fierce got access to a nullifying attack. I guess the question is whether non-wild cards should be allowed to nullify at all. But I think that ability is rare enough that its not a problem. I rarely hear anyone accuse a creature with nullifying attacks of being op (with the exception of Monolometerodon, though usually not because of nullifying strike, even though I personally think that it gets a lot of strength from this move).

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