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I dont understand


What did i do to get bots like these send help plz

Welcome to the Forum.

It seems this is a screenshot from one of the Lower Leagues (I’m assuming Survivor) of the Lythronax Tournament. If my assumption is correct, then it does not mean that the bot is strong but instead your team is weak.

Every League has a particular Ferocity set to it, and what creatures you can bring for a good victory rate. For example, VIP level 20 creatures are sufficient for Dominator Wins. Level 10s can pull off wins too but not as much as 20s. Anything below that will not ensure victory unless you’re really really lucky.

If you’re in Survivor League, I recommend at least level 30 to 40 Super Rares.


In hatchling/prey, you bring your commons.
In survivor, you bring your rares.
In hunter you bring your super rares
In low/high predator maxed super rares/10 lvl VIPs and 30 legendaries should work
In dominator, you throw everything you’ve got.
The later you start, the harder it might be to progress through these leagues.
I don’t know anything about your level or line-up but if super rares/low legendaries are your top, I wouldn’t aim for dominator but try securing predator instead. 2x legendaries will still be helping a lot in that stage of game.


Watch any of my tournament videos…

I will have one out on this tournament this afternoon.

I would also recommend my two ferocity tutorials as a base to understand some of the information I am talking about in the tournament runs.