I don't want Baryonyx gen 2, I don't want Irritator, and I don't want Stygimoloch gen 2

Please, please, PLEASE stop filling the arena incubators with arena exclusive dinosaurs. Literally all 7 of them are thrash (yes, including the epic Stygimoloch) and they are all I get from incubators. I’m getting sick of it. There are so many awesome dinosaurs supposedly available from incubators, and yet all I get are the annoying Irritators, the Purrusaurus, the Proceratosaurus and, lately Baryonyx gen 2 Baryonyx gen 2 Baryonyx gen 2. Make it stop!

The game needs to be rewarding for us to keep wanting to play it. At the moment, the point of doing matches is mostly to get incubators, but those incubators only reward the damn Baryonyx gen 2 which equals no reward at all. Please, I’m not asking you to remove the arena exclusive ones, just give them the same chance as the non-exclusive ones! :sweat:


I agree to the fullest

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I think what you get depends on the arena your in which sound to me like your in the last one like me!

They aren’t “Trash” but they aren’t good for battle .

I still like seeing most in my collection.

Best of luck


Ok, fine, they aren’t really thrash but they are certainly worse than most non-exclusive ones. I like having them in my collection too, but I already unlocked all of them, so now their DNA is basically pointless as I won’t use any of them in battle. There’s so many good available dinosaurs in the incubators - argentinosaurus, nodosaurus, triceratops, amargasaurus, utahraptor… Yet all I get is the bloody Baryonyx Gen 2! I’m seriously sick of it.

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Totally agree. That d*mned baryonix gen 2 made me go down to arena 5. So I’m overpowered there, everybody goes mad of me, but Ludia made me act like this. I want useful rewards.

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I’m the same , apologies to anyone we meet on the way back up the arenas tho haha

If I ever downgrade arenas I will use lower level dinosaurs. It’s not other people’s fault that you don’t like arena 7 rewards… I wouldn’t want to make things even more unbalanced. But yeah, damn baryonyx gen 2! I won’t leave arena 7 until I get a pyroraptor though, I haven’t even discovered it yet -.-

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Nah, I take my best team. I’ll bring even more disbalance and unfair fights till Ludia changes something in arena rewards. The more other players will complain, the better.

I want to fight fair with good rewards for higher arena, but I’m so sick of this baryonix gen 2 I get from each incubator.

The unbalancing is hardly other players’ faults, but suit yourself. To each, their own…

I was just gonna say pyroraptor is pretty sick I’m waiting on mine lol half way there :grin::+1::canada:

We need more stages every 500 achievements or 1000 when higher up don’t matter just need more :joy:


wish you could just disable say half the dinos from each arena so you could semi pick your options while still being random


This would be the best option imo,

Agreed! I keep getting the same crap to! On very, VERY rare occasion do I get anything I actually want or need.

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Nice idea. So sad that Ludia doesn’t read and implement player’s suggestions :expressionless:

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No dinosaur is trash or useless. I don’t know how you could say that. They’re all adorable and useful in their own ways

Do you think the dino dnas we get from opening arena incubators depend on time?
Coz I observe that is the pattern - I normally battle immediately after opening an incubator and if I got a 15-minute one from that battle I will immediately open and lately I was observing I got the same common and rare DNAs when opening within few minutes.
This morning I tried immediately opening an 8-hour incubator after another 8-hour incubator times up. The first I got an Epic TRex and the immediate one also TRex!
So dunno is it luck or there is a time based dna rewards.

Well, this would require further research to confirm or deny, but my guess is that it was plain luck

Hmmm, it seems like something changed in incubator drops. I’m at arena 5 and I haven’t got any irritator DNA from the 5-6 latest incubators. Have they changed rates for the drops?

What’s wrong with me :c?

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