I entered the tournament!

I find it boring. Oh, well… 5k coins. No big.

It’s fun being all commons but I’m getting decimated. I’m losing twice as many as I win. Frustrating.


Short of luck and battling 24/7 I see no real skill. Speed ties are a nightmare, and talk about fighting the same thing over and over? ugh. I thought this format might be kind of fun, but nah, not for me.

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Anyone else skip tournaments because there are better games to play?


i’m having more fun playing Free Fire than JWA

I find this with almost all the tourney’s so far… you basically win 60% of battles. I’m always confused on how anyone can win so many consecutive battles to get 500+ trophies

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I’ve just had really bad luck with this tournament. Same dinos are being used, bad luck with match ups, and dare you try with another dino, they get destroyed because they needed to be a few levels higher to be of any use. Not sure I care for this one, possibly my least favourite so far.

As OP said though, at least it’s only 5k coins.

Lets be honest here for a moment .
The tournament is a concept that relies 100% on connection speed and luck . Maybe a tiny bit of skill in choosing the right line up , but all you need to do is look at which dinos the top ten are using don’t you ?
So , if you have a great connection ( living in Canada helps ) , you’ll have a good chance of doing well , because everyone will be using the same dinos with exactly the same stats .
Accept this and the tournament will be a great thing to do for you . But if you expect your skill and judgement to count for anything , forget it .
You only need to look at how the last one was won to realise that . The guy had a brilliant plan to create just 4 dinos , so got them every match and won it . Thereby eliminating the risk of drawing a weaker one from the usual pool of 8 , and I think it was genius on his part . He bucked the system and fair play to him .
Playing these tournaments as designed is a lesson in boredom , so could we possibly have tournaments as they used to be too ?

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I’ve actually had quite a bit of fun in this one. I don’t plan on being anywhere near the top as I actually have a life, haha, but it’s been entertaining.

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I see they silently fixed the 8 minimum Dino requirement to enter the tournament.

That guy cant join this tournament he has an epic did you see something that shows it was actually fixed?

Yes I tried it myself. hahaha. You can click battle all you want but nothing will happen until you create 4 other Dino’s and then boom your in a battle. I threw a new account together quick to test it and sure enough. They slipped in a fix. Too bad they can’t slip in a fix like that for all the other “mess” they have going on.

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Plus they have it set up so you have to pay the entry fee to even test the four Dino theory. Explains why there was no posting about it. They wanted the entry coins from rubes like me. Meh… no biggie.

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These tournaments like no-hybrids/hybrids only, all L26, etc. are boring as most of us use the same dinos and just a race of finger tapping. Disabling boosts is great. I doubt what variety of tournaments may come in the future.

Edit: I would suggest changing the tournament button to another battle mode without boosts which is what @Phil suggested.

I love this one. True, speed ties are awful but if you already know you are not going to win the tie, just adjust accordingly. It’s no different than the same Dino boosted higher than yours. I don’t even try to win them anymore. I disagree with it not requiring skill. There are a lot of hidden combos in the commons & with a limited number of playable dinos, it’s plausible to implement them. Exciting when they work. Any change from the arena battles is welcome for me.

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I’ve never played a tournament and have no desire to.

I played the first two tournaments and now I also don’t want to participate in it.

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Most frustrating tourney yet. Got to 150 medals and kept battling. Lost I dunno how many in a row, now I’m back to zero medals and can’t get any good matchups. I don’t understand how the top players do it.

It takes a lot of time in the beginning to fine tune your team & grind through the loosing streaks. If there is a dino you hate encountering, put it on your team. It will usually work & get you higher. That’s what is nice about these tournaments.

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I’m enjoying the tourneys just wish the rewards were better for 50-100 and up . I like the mix up of tourneys for sure but definitely miss the old arena . Happy hunting and best of luck in tourney!! :metal:

Speed ties -Connect to 5G speed and click fast lol :joy:

Also not very many decent common . I can’t wait to see the variety in a year from now for dinos all around! Have hope :crossed_fingers:

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