I evolved by accident. Please help me!


I’m really trying to get the legendary but I put my phone down and I evolved it by mistake. Please is there any way to get those DNAs back please please! I need them badly for that legendary! =(

Evolved dino without wanting to

Nah, sorry lol go out and collect more DNA! :slight_smile:


No rewind, but just go catch them, utahs easy to find sinoceratops is the hard. Otherwise buy some incubators you got plenty of gold.


You’ll find more Utahraptors way before you find enough Sinoceratops… lol. You may get lucky and get one fusion with more than 10 and be able to create it anyway.


An option to lock accidental evolutions would be really appreciated


Especially when you have to slide the screen up to see the creature’s stats and you can’t slid up on the 3d dino… and that EVOLVE button is HUGE… easily pressed when trying to slide the screen up to see the stats. I’ve been so nervous of accidentally evolving some I swipe up on the edges of the screen out of fear.


Exactly what I’m saying


Lol this game does not forgive :slight_smile:


A confirming button before evolving a dino will be much appreciated, as soon as DNA but primarly coins are so precious, we cannot afford to accidentally loose them by mistake.


Yeah I’ve done this before :expressionless:


:joy: my daughter sees a Dino that’s needs evolving and goes ahead not realising that i’m Desperately saving coins for a different evolve :joy::joy:


my cousin sped up 2 8 hr incubs and bought 240 darts when i was already at max


Don’t you just love it when family decide to ‘help you with the game ‘ :joy::joy:


I was saving DNA for Tryostronix and then the game crashed and evolved Postimetrodon to level 16. Is there any way to get my coins and DNA back?
Thank you!


nope, sorry. its gone forever


Four words for everyone in this thread!

Thirty Second Phone Lock :lock:



Crawl back into the water and maybe your vestigial gills will still work.


Little bit stupid question, but answer is ofcourse not :smiley: