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I faced this in jurassic ruins arena

It has a lot of speed boost and wrecked all my team. Please fix it this ludia, you could maybe refund my trophies from that loss.


Droppers, how I “love” them.

You have to figure out what I mean by love. Otherwise I don’t like them in more ways than one.


That is not fair. I fight many creatures like that in the aviary, and loss after loss after loss. I agree, maybe a trophy refund?

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Like dang guy must have a ton of time on his hands

no games the game so you have to suck it up and move on as for that dude 10 bucks he was yawning or laughing through it like a douche sorry for your loss

Ah yes. Person dropping to get the sloth badge. damn they really made the dropper problem worse with this achievement didnt they


I’ve said for so long now that Ludia don’t have a problem with droppers in pvp.

This is a further example of how it’s actually encouraged.

With the reset at the beginning of April we will see it all start again, and the instigators of the huge dropper situation we see at the start of every month will be Ludia as they put everyone back.

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this player is a shame :unamused:

you can see how different Ludia reacts to problems. the smell was fixed immediately, arena uninteresting for a long time

The annoying thing is a simple change could fix that - allow those achievements to be obtainable through campaign, friendlies and tournaments.

I really don’t see why they ‘must’ be done through the regular arena. At all.

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That achievement can be done in tournaments. Just how often do we get a commons only tournament.

Wow. That match up is absolutely outrageous.
Quite disgusting really.

this is a video of me boosting thor and there is a clip where I face magnapyritor level 40 at 9:32

Ah, okay then.

We really do need more common tournaments. I find them most fun, if only because commons seem to be the most balanced set overall.

A lot of us finished that achievement in last month’s common tournament. They need to have one each mo th just for that purpose