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I feel a little better


As I’ve officially given up on this game. I decided to make it final:

I had gotten the vip last month for the St. Patricks day event, and also as a bit of a “last hurrah”. I don’t see a point in keeping it anymore. If I felt that my feedback wouldn’t of been taken seriously, I would of given some constructive feedback.

This tournament has gotten me to my breaking point. Never before has a game made me so depressed and angry. I can’t deal with the horrible amounts of rng this game revolves around. I don’t think its ever been this bad before. I understand winning and losing streaks. When its every other day, and you just constantly lose no matter how smart you play, because rng says otherwise.
Its not fun. Taking a break doesn’t help, because you just come back to the same old crap.

You shouldn’t have to be stuck in the same 100-400 trophy range either for months at a time. It makes the game stale and stagnant. I’ve made very little progress since January, I expect to be a little slower than most because of my work schedule and not being able to hunt as often as id like. However, this is a bit extreme.

Then there are the bugs. My first three battles today resulted in me losing in the middle of the fight, with the next one(that I didn’t even queue up for) an automatic loss. I just opened the game and this is all I see:

This isn’t a goodbye (yet), I promised someone I would see to the end of this “event rework” that is completely un-needed. I’m just hoping I can hold up to that promise. My canceling my VIP is a first step towards that though.

Anyway, rant over.


I am also seriously considering canceling my VIP. I’ve had it since probably end of last summer, I’ve been super into this game especially during work breaks. But lately it’s been very dull.
For example; normally at work I open the game and there’s 5-6 dinos around to dart within the perimeter. Today there was a constant 1-2. Spawns are less and the variety is…yawn

I’m jealous of you for being stronger than I for cancelling that 120 bucks a year though on a stupid game. I’m still holding on to hope though…


I’ve quit my VIP subscription 3 times already!


This is #2 for me. The last time was in December (Maybe November?) And I didn’t have it again till march


I’mvery tempted right now too.

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I would. Its no longer useful to me living in a rural area.

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Yeah I live on a ranch and it doesn’t make much difference.


I canceled my vip in december do to 1.5 spawn mechanics and huge amount of cheaters. I cant say havent ever thought of getting it again because I have, it is only 10 bucks… but then I look at what else that 10 bucks can buy me as entertainment money… netflix, hulu, prime… or pure gaming money humble bundle monthly, xbox game pass, even greedy Ea with origin axcess premiere is a better deal.

I just dont see getting real value any more… 1.5 spawn mechanics decreased its value and this rework is actually making it less valuable.

Im where you are waiting to see what 1.7 brings… doing my dailys for now just incase… but i could easily walk away if patch notes are 12 new creatures 6 aquatic 6 cenoazoic… and another broken feature.


Guys guys guys!!

Can I just say it’s sad enough that the game is hard, and even sadder that people are leaving because of it. And then make it public… haha wow…

Half the posts are sad ‘this game is rubbish!’ Or ‘bye Ludia! Your game needs fixing!’

I get it’s hard, but like please just don’t quit!! sigh arena is messed up. Dinos need fixing. I get that, but that never stopped me playing!! Can we all get over the fact Ludia’s messed up a game quite significantly, and just play?

Get to love a good challenge!


I won’t cancel my VIP, but I will change the way I play the game.
As soon as the tournament is over I’ve decided to permanently camp the 4500 line until something changes. I used to do it as a planned time saving measure when I knew something was coming up that would take a considerable amount of time. (Vacations, get togethers, St. Pats unique darting event etc etc) This will minimize arena time and maximize hunting time while still giving max rewards.
For me it’s a win win.
For Ludia it’s a red flag.
People are avoiding the PVP… in a PVP game.
Might want to fix that.


I stopped renewing VIP around the same period. I only bought it back for St Patrick’s event, disabling it immediately after purchase to make sure I didn’t forget it later on.

If something, the new schedule has shown us how poor the spawns are for this game. The only way to make any progress is through weekly events. New schedule nerfing common dinosaurs and leaving gaps with no content at all mid-week, only worsens the playing experience.


A big issue for me is that this game is just depressing now. I don’t mind losing a few battles or having a losing streak every so often, but its literally every other day. Wednesdays and Fridays are my worst days with rng. I dropped 500 trophies in the course of 24 hours because my win percentage was roughly 20%. I played well over 40 matches as well. That’s terrible! That isn’t including the disgusting amount of arena droppers right now.
It makes me not want to play at all. A game shouldn’t make me depressed and feeling like I’ve done something wrong.

I’ve been playing this game since the beginning. I’ve given it plenty of chances, this is my last chance with it.

I won’t even begin with the issues I have with spawns.


I dropped the VIP back in October because it functions so poorly outside hunting which is part of the game I love. That is when I started my 2nd account to play little guys against the strike towers. I cut down and then stopped doing any kind of PVP by December. I just don’t enjoy that part. I was playing the PvP a little on my 2nd account… just level 1’s, then moved to 6’s and now I just PvP with 10’s. I have 32 level 10 dino’s I switch around all the time.

I started to PvP again with the alliance missions. Thanks to the same alliance mission reward dino’s every week, that’s pretty much all I fight against with my level 10 team. Alliance mission rewards killed the variety I use to go up against in the lower arenas.

I almost got vip again but keep getting reminded when out hunting why I dropped it now that it’s getting warm enough to get out again.

I am starting to tire of the repetitiveness all around, like anyone. In my alliance, a lot of people quit the game before even getting to player level 10 with a dino team levels 10 to 15.

We’ll see what comes as my interest is fading. I’ve given lots of suggestions over the months for new things.


It must be tough to hate the game on two accounts at the same time


It’s not that it’s hard, it’s that it’s boring and buggy. It was interesting when it started but ludia has done almost nothing to keep my (and many other players) interest. That’s not the people leavings fault, it’s ludias. I still play but not near the amount I used to. And then they made two days where I don’t even really have to open the app except for maybe 20 minutes to get my daily, and gave 36 attempts on a single day at good hybrid components. It is obvious from the goals they set in their spin and dart challenges that they have no idea about how people play their own game, even though they have the data, and some of the bugs being in there this long is really amateur development at this point. So if a player wants to walk away, I can’t blame them and wouldn’t suggest it’s because the game is hard. I accept the game is bad, I’ll play a bit hoping it gets better until it does or something better comes along.


I don’t hate the game. I’m just boring/burning out from the repetitiveness. My primary account is stuck playing the same dino’s against others same dino’s. It has gotten half that way on my 2nd account. At least I have a big variety on my end.

I burned out on Pokemon after 7 months. I’ve gone longer on this one. Once upon a time…Long, long ago… far far away, I played Everquest for 4 years. That game had huge content and only 5$ a month and got a lot more out of me than this game that cost twice as much.

I don’t see much they can do to expand this game. They would have to rethink the whole thing and start a JWA2.

I want to see what 2.0 brings even if I quit before they get to it.


If you do delete JWA, make a gif of it so we can send it to Ludia.


Everquest! That takes me back! I played that for 5yrs from 2002! I now play Perfect World International…played since Nov 2010…in top faction on Tideswell…awesome game…sad to see how this game is making people feel 'bitter ’ JWA is a relaxing sideline to PWI and works ok atm for me…I too made a 2nd account which is now lvl 7 and the PvP is a lot more fun than the higher lvl I have to say…

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Totally understandable… I keep saying, a game should be challenging and entertaining, but this one sometimes makes us feel so angry, disappointed, outraged… And it’s not simply because we lose, but because of the way we lose… Bugs, unfair matchmaking, and of course, RNG, RNG, RNG… That’s why many of us keep saying this system must change… You can be the best strategist in the world and have the best dinos in your team. If the game “wants” you to lose, you’ll lose… It’s infuriating.


Lets not pretend Jwa is the mobile version of Sekiro… or Demon Souls. It like most f2p games is repetitive and grindy, certainly time consuming. Lord Lythronax aside, this games doesnt offer much in challenging gameplay and its level of interaction is only slightly above a idle tapper.
Tap the screen for majunga dna to fill your bar and get your daily dna.

I honestly prefer the game before 1.5 spawn mechanics… id rather go out and hunt instead of darting 50 majungas for my subsidized epic dna of the day and week.