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I feel heartbroken

My team:



I hate to add on to the constant complaints this forum has over the matchmaking/arena, but i find this absurd (was soldily in mid-aviary before the stuff hit the fan). The only thing keeping me going is the daily diplodocus dna; once i unlock gemini, im not playing arena anymore


I’ve been taking a break from the arenas because I didn’t think at the time that my team (or for that matter myself) was ready for anymore battling in Lockwood. I’ve been knocked out of Lockwood twice (the lowest I got was Sorna). I battled my way back, but it was exhausting. I’m around this trophy count, but with a lower team (level 20-22). I was thinking this past week that I should start battling again, but now I am not so sure. I am still holding out hope that the arenas will get better. I would still like an option to face an AI even if it means not earning any trophies as a trade off.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy my Lockwood background for friendly battles.

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Unless you want gemini, but the daily incubator and/or required battles quest is available, do not play arena. Its a load of bs right now, as we all know

That looks about right for your team. Nice team but level just too low and spy is useless at that level. The arena is leveling out after the reset and you’ll end up in the trophy range you should be at with that team. Same as the rest of us. An average level of around 22 is not going to be much higher than you are unless they bought a lot of boosts.


You really think so?

Spyx replaced my spinotasuchus. She’s one of the more fresher ones on my team, so she isnt boosted too much, though i made sure she’s at least boosted enough to at least outrun the 135 speed thor. Either way, shes more of a support chicken until i get her leveled more

Great dino. Health just kind of low at that level unless you boost it a lot.

Yup. Mauls thor, wears down tryko and dio instead of winning against them straight up, viable counter to the rat (gamepress has a list. Its Postosuchus, Erlidom, Spyx, Gemini, and Smiloceph).

Either way, im planning to replace utarinex and Smiloceph with Monostego and Procera, so im trying to get them up to speed, especially monostego

You promoted Smiloceph as the end all, be all, DC counter for weeks/months.

I honestly cannot count how many times I have seen you promote it.

Constant Smiloceph propaganda and now you drop it?

I mean no offense with this comment, I just find it strange.

If average of 22 is around 4k, I should be much higher. I’m struggling around 3700-3900 trophies.

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I guess your not good in the arena phil…lol kidding

You dont use boosts right?


It’s mad that Phils team is battling at such a low level.
Before boosts it would have been close to the top 500!


Hear me out on this:

Trust me, i love smiloceph to death because of it’s valuable niche of hard countering the rat if its swap in stun lands. However, as we all know, the game punishes you if you try to use something “out of the ordinary.” Take TheGamingBeaver for example. He thought Diplovenator would be meta-defining and spent nearly all his boosts on it, as well as getting it to team level, but he’s going downhill because of it costing him games. I made the comparison the other day and I feel like I fell in the same boat. While yes, smilo’s fantastic at stopping rat, i feel like it’s costing me
games because it simply isnt high apex or tyrant (something i was surprised about when the tier list was released on Gamepress). Its not because i hate it or found out it’s niche isnt as good as thought (and it might be subject to nerfs due to the potential of a superhybrid), its because i feel like because it isnt a tyrant or high apex, it’s dragging me back since it isnt a nkrmal creature you see in the arena, unlike things like procera, monostego, thor, rat, etc… If that makes sense?

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Yeah. Obviously if Phil used the boosts, probably even just the free ones, his team would be at least 1000 trophies higher.


That is a hard call. From what I have seen posted here he would have difficulty getting to 4500 with only the ‘free’ boosts. I am at 3000 and most of my opponents are using more than the ‘free’ boosts down here. In the 4500 range users have posted some pretty well boosted creatures on the forum.

Speed is the killer as the users who purchased some have that advantage. Remember, if he has been under 4k he is only getting 3/day in the DBI. It doesn’t sound like much but does add up over the two months now.

The only time ive bought boosts was during the rollback that occurred early 1.7 using the refunded cash that everybody got. I havent spent a dime on them. It would be much fairer if ludia only restricted boosts to the daily incubators and the wednesday strikes, but this is @Ludia_Developers we’re talking about here

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Yes, that makes perfect sense and thank you for explaining.

I have actually seen the YT videos from him, and yeah “Evil Fluffy” is definitely weighing him down.

Thats how boost can influence the game powerfully.
But Ludia dont remove the boost, so we have to fight, that the dinos have a good balance.

And theres the problem, Thor, the rat, procerathomimus, edmondoguanadon, (trykosaurus), Geminititan are to OP.
Indoraptor, Stigidarex, Pterovexus, turamoloch are to weak.

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Yeah no Boost still. It sucks because I could handle the hp and attack but speed always gets me. I can’t even do minimal speed up and be faster.

Overboosted Indoraptor is still quite common where im at. Im baffled every time it gets brought out, though inthink im only seeing them because like rat and thor, indoraptorwas a common dino to overboost

Though, it is definitely going to stay with me for a while longer because i have to level procera and monostego up. Procera’s almost ready and just need to boost it up, while monostego has some work because monoloph is a pain to get, while im also giving most of it to monominus because im trying to get pterovexus (im one of those people who like to collect them all. I make my priorities straight XD)

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