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I feel like giving up on arena play due to terrible matchmaking

Over 500 trophies lost and counting. Takes hours just to get a few incubators. Game is broken. Help. Seriously… I’ve tried EVERYTHING! Im sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Please Ludia, DO SOMETHING :sob::sob::sob:


As proof of the broken matchmaking system, I totally put dinky dinosaurs on my team. No boosts, all below level 18. Guess what. I was pitted against mega boosted dinos level 22 and up - like mega boosted. Seriously… I went from 4699 to below 4100 trophies and cannot get a single battle incubator. I’ve NEVER had this problem before. Ever…

The game is broken, Ludia. Please, PLEASE do something.

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Don’t know if it’s matchmaking, but something’s off for sure. Keep encountering lvl 28-29 boosted and unboosted while my team is 21-24 with 3 boosted. Also the ridiculous amount of lvl 29-30 common/rares boosted is strange. Before those usually belonged to bots but seen the fact that they use priority moves or swap at well timed moments I highly doubt that’s the case. Also it would be too many.

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A new season started, everyone above around 5000 trophies gets reset.

This compresses all the top players into our range, and we get matched with OP players for our level.

I agree, it’s a terrible situation. All we can do is wait it out and it will settle out until the next season starts…
These are considered equal teams in the current matchmaking, two of my recent opponents:

One team is 4.25 levels average higher. I doubt current boosts would even make them equal.

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I think there is an issue still hanging over from previous MM changes. People are still floating around in arenas they should not be in.

Not only high powered teams who got shafted in 1.8 but also lower powered teams who got overly boosted in 1.8 and 1.9. Whilst this is all still happening odd things will happen.

Take OPs case. Team of level 18 no boost… doesn’t feel like a 4k team. Unless the whole arena levels have changed massively since I come up the ranks level 18 was no where close to 4k and with boosts being added I suspect it would be even worse. If it is the case that OP is suffering from historic changes being corrected it should mean it settles once OP meets their buoyancy point.

Occasional mad high teams crashing lower arenas for fun still happens but it’s not at a sufficient level to write off the whole MM system, is it?

Let’s also not forget about the AI battles after you loose 2. They are broken right now. Pitted against teams that are 4+ levels higher than mine in aviary. You can fall quite a bit until you can beat them.

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