I feel like I'm being punished

Lately, any time I open an incubator early, either with cash or a video, I ALWAYS have a ridiculous amount of losses immediately afterwards. Its really grating on my nerves and I’m to the point where I don’t want to even open them early anymore.

Out of 50 or so matches the last week, I’ve won… 15? I lost 20 in a row yesterday, actually chucked my phone across the room after that. Then, by some miracle I do win, I get a 15 minute incubator. -.-

Anyway, I think I’m going to stop opening them early even if it’s just a video, I’m really tired of losing. I’m depressed enough as it is, I don’t need to add to it more because of a stupid game.


i rarely open early with cash. i dont believe it has anything to do with that though. just a bad streak.


Speak of the devil.

I was at 3890 when I woke up today

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I always do the video. I also go through losing too much
One step forward, 400 steps back… I mean trophies, not “steps.”

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I’ve been going back and forth like crazy for like … well, since June.
Throw on some music, have drink and just call it a dance :slight_smile:


i never use cash, but i’ll watch the video to speed it up. i’m in no rush to get more stiggy gen 2, proceratosaurus and purassaurus. certainly not enough to spend cash on them.

i got to 4800 today. think that’s the highest i’ve ever been. worst part about this game is there is really nothing to take away from a loss. nothing you could have done differently usually. just start another game, hope it picks 4 dinos that go well together and pray for RNG to go more your way this time :roll_eyes:


I’ve seen the ruins twice now. But I’m never in them for more than a few hours. Normally enough to get a few incubators before I drop to the 3800 range again.
The last two days though… They’ve been particularly harsh, I’ve barely won any matches and it’s taking its toll.

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I can admit to using in game cash to sometimes opening up incubators because I’m sometimes an impatient person. It was usually only when it got to about 3 bucks and I figured ‘what the heck?’

Now I have the mindset where that I’ve waited as long as I did, I can wait a bit more. Good things come to those who wait, after all.

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Maybe taking a break from the game will help you. Losing 20 in a row is definitely not fun and I agree that I would also be frustrated. But I probably would have taken a break after like the 4th or 5th loss just to re calibrate myself. There is no point in getting all worked up over a game that is meant to be fun.


100% agree with the taking a break part! I used to get into 10-12 match losing streaks and be foaming at the mouth and wanting to smash my phone against a wall! (No other game has ever gotten me this mad before!) but now I don’t get to those long losing streaks anymore because I close the game for a while!

Also can be good to wait between losing matches because there is a chance that you can be placed against the SAME players that just beat you! And if its a case of them beating you due to better dinosaurs, you DEF don’t want to face them again!


I don’t think it has anything to do with opening battle incubators early, I do that routinely and it doesn’t affect my win/loss ratio. But something is going on. I’m going nowhere fast… just noticed on my battle log (yes, I keep notes) that I have the same number of trophies (4,400’s) I had 2 weeks ago. Very frustrating… stuck in place.

It’s as if the game has decided to keep me at a certain level… RNG is conspiring against me. And because this sounds totally crazy I think I better stop playing and go to bed… it’s very late anyway :roll_eyes:

OP, please don’t let a game depress you… so not worth it. When we get these losing streaks it’s best just to take a break from playing. GL!

P.S. Now I just need to listen to my own advice…


Has your team changed much in those 2 weeks though? levelling up a single Dino might not be enough to change your teams effective battling “range”.

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Sad thing is that I already have. I wasn’t on for over a week earlier this month when I was on vacation with family in the Bahamas(was a cruise) . I did great on twice when I had cell service to see what kind of dinos were in the area (sooooo many Spinos and rajas), but I battled maybe once.
Then when I got back home I dropped to arena 5 for a change of pace, was so refreshing.

My team has changed some. They’re leveling up around the same pace and I’ve added mono to my team now.

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Also sometimes you can find your rating goes down or doesn’t change while you learn how tp utilise the new members of your team!

Just ignore the trophy count and you’ll be alright. I just battle for incubators now regardless of whether I have to lose 15-20 battles to get it. Sooner or later things will even up. As you improve your dinos, you’ll win more than you lose. Cheers!


You are so right… I think with all the tournaments we lose perspective. No one cares about our trophies, what arena we’re in or whether we’re on the LB.

If we don’t enjoy it, what’s the point of playing a game?!

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Getting 10 hybrid dna fifteen times in a row feels like a punishment. It’s demoralizing :slightly_frowning_face:


let me guess… paramoloch? i got all 10s before i could create him

Mine is Stegodeus… :frowning:

Tell me about it, I got 17 in a row on this little terror today. :joy:

I’ve been working on it for over a week now. So many 10s, so much tapping… They really need to make fusing simpler.