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I feel like Ludia promotes “false advertisement” on the purchasable incubator’s. Am I wrong in this belief?


So like for this epic incubator that’s in the store as we speak (technically text this out) that has the epic T-Rex on the front of it. Now will there “actually be any” epic T-Rex DNA given upon purchasing it or is it going to give me 90% crap DNA of dino’s that don’t really fuse into anything or are a complete waste of time and money spent??? The reason I say this and have made this topic is to get some hopeful helpful insights into why this is the case (when in my experience it’s usually 40/60% of the time with these things. B/c last year when they were selling the epic incubator and it had Sinceratops or Kentrosaurus on the cover/front of it & I bought it with the very much needed desire to get said dino on the incubator’s DNA, I never got an ounce of Sinceratops DNA after buying (not 1 but 2 of them) in the hopes that if the first one was a glitched mistake that I’d surely get lucky and get Sinceratops’s DNA from the 2nd one. But nope I was wrong. So plz I beg you, anybody, has anyone bought one of these current epic incubator’s and actually received any epic T-Rex DNA???


And if you have bought the epic incubator that shows the head of the epic T-Rex on the cover. May you plz tell me what all of the different dino’s DNA you received please???


i once bot ten epic incubators, all seco and conca…can u believe it…


From what I have gathered from the forum in a similar topic, the image on the front of the incubator is not a guarantee of getting the creature. You can get it but it’s more likely that you won’t.

If there were guaranteed Rex dna, it would say so. It’s not really that different from the regular epic incubator but with an image pasted on it.

That being said, I haven’t purchased one because I’m not spending that much.


False advertising, not by legal definition.

Misleading advertising, absolutely.

It says so much about the character and ethics of Ludia.


This is a list of the creatures considered as Fierce (I may have missed some, though):

Dimetrodon Gen 2

Tyrannosaurus Rex G2

Tyrannosaurus Rex


It’s misleading at the least. Buying incubators is a lottery, you will most likely waste your money with no return. If they put secondotosaurus on the cover they would chase away potential buyers, but yeah…secondo is what you are really buying…


they’d rather rip you off once and have you never spend another scent on the game
than give you something good to encourage you to spend more money
hence why they are an embarrassing #180 or so on top grossing apps :joy:


Better to buy the level up and arena offers. You’ll be disappointed the majority of the time buying incubators from the store and hoping for a certain dna. Everyone wants Sino and Kentro dna but it is hard to come by for most of us. There was an incubator in the store a couple of weeks ago with 500 guaranteed trex dna but it was very expensive. If it doesn’t say guaranteed for a certain dino it is luck of the draw. If you are looking for trex try ckecking restaurants, McDonalds, Arbys, Wendys, Harveys, etc. If you find one try running an epic scent there even. The good thing about hunting there is you’ll also get lots of Tarbo.


I don’t have any more arena offers or lvl up offers since I’m already lvl 20 and in Aviary, so all I got left is the premium incubator’s for $10,000, the epic incubator’s for $5,000 & rare incubator’s for $1,000 in game cash.


Michael Jordan was on the packet of every pack of basketball cards I ever bought as a kid :man_shrugging:


The point is, even if you get all epic DNA to be Rex, it’s far better to spend those cash on scents.


Which type of epic incubator (that you all have bought and found out over the course of you playing for so long would be the ones most likely to give out some kind of good or mediocre percentage of Kentrosaurus, Sinceratops, and or even epic Ankylosaurus DNA?? Anybody know from constantly buying those things all the time before you got wise to this games act and stopped buying them as often??


Its like buying a lottery ticket… could be a winner most likely not.