I feel like Ludia's doing a good job lately, so


…I decided to get the One Time Offer when I leveled up. I figured I’d post it here since people ask what the offers are sometimes. The DNA pretty much sucks but all I really care about is the coins and cash.


Level up offers are really the only thing worth investing $$ in, since you get a max of 20 of them and the value of the coins + bucks is a steal for those who can afford it. I’ve only skipped one level up offer since playing.


Yeah, they payout nicely. I skipped the last few levels because it’s always $50 every time, and I was annoyed the last month or two with all the cheater issues. But they seem to have it under control now and I figured $50 isn’t so bad since I haven’t paid anything for a while, besides VIP. And I read that the price won’t ever go down once it reaches $50, so it was this or just suffer for a lot of the tournament.


Haha, I try not to level up till payday so I can scoop those coins :stuck_out_tongue:


I made a trip to the bank earlier to deposit my check and then immediately came home and fused dinos for about 45 minutes until I leveled up haha. I was running out of dinos on my team to fuse.


I think I’ve passed on two maybe three one time offers. It’s the only thing I’ll spend on besides VIP. Once I hit level 20 next month, I’ll be done spending save VIP forever. “If” they raise the level cap up (and don’t go silly with $100 per OTO) I will likely continue. But otherwise, I’ll wait to earn the coins I need from there on out.

Buying cash is too over priced by its self.