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I feel stuck


I absolutely love this game. I got it months ago when I stumbled across it and have spent loads of time playing it. I have every dinosaur in the game except one. It is a park locked Dino holding me back. I have just seen my end game looking at the top 10 players. All just level 30 Dinos playing the perfect match with an adrenaline rush as we both make the best possible plays to emerge victorious. But won’t it get boring playing the same people over and over? Won’t it get tedious just leveling every dinosaur to 30?What else does this game need to liven it up? It just seems I am vast approaching the end of the game I am sad but happy at the same time. I hope the next updates will diversify and challenge us all.


I agree with this. I mean all Dino’s ATM have an end. And new ones will come. Meta will shift accordingly. More players will rise to the top and challenge the current. So what else can be added to keep this game chugging along?

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One thing i feel they could add is sometjing akin to the global tournaments clash royale recently adding existing outside the ladder and givkng two tiers of rewards ala fortnite… because of the pay tier option of rewards it means they can get some additional revunue going so they dont feel the need to nerf spawns then sell them in incubators… while giving people more stuff to do…

Be intresting to do an all common challenge or rares and epics… its optional… will have its own meta… and gives ludia amother revunue stream…


This could definitely work. And would give all players a chance to participate and take top prize depending on skill rather then lvl. Have multiple tournaments running at the same time. With different dino selections for each.(common-rare-epics) Definitely would add more variety and allow everyone a shot


That’s a problem I won’t have… think I’ll die before having all the dinos and reaching level 30 with most dinos in my team… I’m F2P and intend to keep it that way :slightly_smiling_face:


More like the servers will be shut down.


Or not… Accidents can happen, and I live in a very violent country so who knows :laughing:


Except for VIP I am a free to play I actually just canceled my VIP I have literally only put $30 in the game for VIP. But I did play for like 12 hours a day.