I finally deleted the game and it feels good

The game has become full trash. A former fun game has been traded for some fast n easy cash. It always was about the money, but in the beginning of the game one had at least the feeling that the company cares and tried to improve it. Boosts are like the last big action to make revenue (and a nail to the games coffin) and are only enjoyed by people who boost their egos with cash. No more reason to stay. Life is too short to play bad games.

In advance of some meme lords (hey dads, do you enjoy this so called “internet”?) posting 10 year old spongebob memes: Go ahead, but consider: this message is not for you, it’s for staff to see that another dedicated player finally has left their game. Now go ahead with Mister Krabs.

PS: Props for the design of the creatures, you designers do a good job. (And with this you are probably alone in this company lol)

PPS: While this forum being a salty place, I still enjoyed some discussions. Keep it up guys.


Have a blast

Just curious, but if by some miracle Ludia was able to fix all this and make the game fun again, would you consider coming back?

I only ask as I have talked to 6 people that have all left over 1.7, and all 6 of then have said that they would return if the game was fixed.


well ill be here playing untill you come back :joy::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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Oh my god just go and don’t make threads like these my goodness how infantile. It’s a phone app not a $90 console game. Honestly!!


Not that i care for the thread but there are many people here who have spent way more then 90 dollars on this game.

Most have spent more then a console game just in otas.


I quit a little while ago myself. I didn’t see the point to making one of these threads because I doubt they really make a difference, but hey, since this one is here.

In response to @GorillaGlue : Personally I would consider coming back to the game if they made big improvements with 1.8, but I can’t see that happening.

1.7 disappointed me a lot.

Boosts sounded cool, but then it turns out it was just a way to level your creatures without getting DNA, so all this does is provide a short term shake up to the meta (barely), but a system where you can just level up all the stats of all the dinosaurs with no tradeoffs means that we will eventually just return to the same meta of 1.6.

The creatures they released show some promise in the new moves, but overall they were anticlimactic. This is partly due to the position I’m in. I hover in the 4800 - 5000, all my creatures are uniques aside from Dracocera, and the lowest of them is 23, the highest is 25. It’s hard for me to introduce new creatures into my team unless I have enough DNA (or boosts) to get them up around that level, so when new legendaries / uniques come in, all I do is create them (when possible) but can’t be competitive with them.

It felt to me like green stops have become less frequent or more widely dispersed. This might just be bias on my behalf, but I had a lot more difficulty finding green stops the last few weeks, so a lot more difficulty taking advantage of the events. Coupled with the above problem of not being able to be competitive with most new dinosaurs I unlocked due to lack of DNA, I felt like the game wasn’t going to change for me, I was just going to sit around the same points and the same team, boosting them when able and fighting opponents who were also using essentially the same team with just the occasional couple of differences.

The stagnating meta has been a problem for a long time. Each release tries to change it, but it just means another dominant set of 8-10 dinosaurs rise to the top and battles become tedious again.

Oddly enough I found battles generally easier after the boost reset + matchmaking fix, but that’s because so many battles would just come down to me or the opponent getting our boosted Thors and chomping through everything. Not very satisfying, even when winning.

Daily spawns also made the grind for DNA feel even more difficult. Travelling to different zones became frustrating because of the take over of daily spawns. I’m guessing the dailies they are putting out (i.e. Iguana) are probably going to be ingredients in hybrids, or their hybrids will make super hybrids, but it still makes targeted grinding difficult.

I’m not whining or demanding changes, this is how I experienced it and I decided to give it up even though I have been playing the game since launch and have invested both time and money into it.

I come back to the forum to see if any big announcements happen that might bring me back to the game, but so far it’s just been the same old stuff.

I watched the game get significantly better from 1.0 to 1.6 (despite what others say), but it was sad to see how things were handled with 1.7.


If they roll out an update which deletes 1.7 and 1.6 maybe :wink:

But hey, this game WAS fun to me when it was about hunting DNA and creating new Dinos. When it came out I enjoyed it alot to make long walks and catch some dinos. Also battling was a fun feature that PoGo lacked. It was always a p2w game driven by greedy devs (I mean, they offer DNA for 50$, this had to be a joke), but it was definitely enjoyable if you don’t spend hundreds of dollars. You still had the feeling you make progress, like when I finally created Stegocera and was able to make them pay for stunning me. That was cool.

Now it is about paying cash to level your creatures, hunting is no longer needed and battling is just a way to fill up slots not something that can actually be enjoyed. You do it because you have to.

Since we will never see the game like in 1.5 (or was it 1.4?) when StegoD was considered the biggest problem, I probably will never return. Might still check the forum from time to time, literally the best part of a broken game.

@Bluesbaby: “It’s a phone game”. Would have been a good point when it was´still 1999 and if the game we talk about was Snake on Nokia 3210. Mobile market has become huge if not dominant. But it’s cool, won’t miss you either :stuck_out_tongue:


OMG and I’m old enough to know it and played it!! :see_no_evil:


I also stoped playing jWA and it feels good. boosts ruined it for good.
I wil play it again if they remove all that trash they added otherwise i will keep on RR3


I think if someone has been an active member of this forum they have every right to start their own thread to say goodbye. What does it matter to you?

Also it’s better someone says they are leaving and why, rather than just disappearing, because:

  1. it gives those that interacted with them on here the chance to also say bye.

  2. it gives the mods feedback they can pass on.

So long @doktoroetker - you hit the nail on the head with your reasons… I’m sorry to see you go and all the best.


This has nothing to do with you as a person and everything to do with the general negativity of threads like these. Regardless as to whether or not you choose to spend money on a free app, it is still a phone game. Boosts are a problem, one hundred percent agreed, but you can add that to one of the many threads without one of these threads that just seem mean spirited and really seem to ignore the fact there are actual real human beings on the other end of this trying to make a game but also get some form of payment for it. It just seems unnecessary and cruel to say “hey guys I deleted your crappy game ha ha see ya thanks for nothing~” when like, people make the choice to pay, they are not forced, and Ludia has been seen trying to fix things many times starting with Raptor nerfs way back at game one, you know?

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I quit playing a week or so ago. This thread provides feedback to show how well they are doing. If you are an employer, would you like your employees to just quit without notice, or would you rather they provide you feedback? As an employee, would you rather get fired without reason, or have been provided honest evaluations of your work?

I’ve paid about $1k USD into this game and been playing since August.

The game is no longer fun or rewarding, I quit playing. Perhaps the developers don’t care to hear if I quit, but that isn’t for you to decide.

To be fair to the players, we’ve seen how quick they can fix issues when it affects profits, it happens VERY fast. I see the latest bungles as nothing more than calculated cash grabs, made to appear as “mistakes”. i.e. the retracted boost sales and glitches that persuaded many others to buy boosts after they saw not having them as a detriment.

It’s calculated, not bungled.

I’m out, you have fun.


I am old enough to have played it on the apple computers with the green, and black screen. :^/ I may as well be a dinosaur.


I feel pretty much the same way as the op .
But everything has a shelf life , and perhaps after almost a year that’s the lifespan of JWA ?
Maybe the boosts were Lucia’s way of trying to keep it interesting for those who had pretty much collected all the dinos , and levelled them up . After all , what’s left when you sit high in the Aviary with level 30 uniques ?
I don’t know their reasoning , other than more revenue initially , but now that you can’t buy them that’s not the case . I was more vocal than most when it was mooted that they were gonna launch boosts and my concerns have come fruition big time . There really is no longer any logic at all in matchmaking . Those with the most boosts will win every battle , and if their max boosted Thora , Draco or Magna is available they will wipe out your whole team . What wonderful fun that is … NOT .
But despite all this Ludia sit higher than they did pre 1.7 on the google play store revenue ! Go figure , perhaps we are wrong . And having been playing for almost a year we would be tired of the game anyway , whatever they did .


If you or anyone else has quit the game, why go the forums? If you’re reading and posting in the forum, have you really quit the game? I understand the frustrations, but if someone has truly quit, they would not be on the forums.

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I just don’t like cruelty to moderators who are trying their best. If you’re leaving, that’s fine, mention your criticisms in a constructive way, but this kind of "hey you all suck and you’re going to miss me when I’m gone bye~~~~ :wink: " passive aggressive just doesn’t make sense to me when the majority of people playing this want community and teamwork and leadership and then act like this and wonder where it is.

Nice DP.

Mine was 3315. It was my first phone, so still has it. Not working though.

I’m sure there are exceptions, but I don’t see most people making goodbye threads to be cruel to the developers. The players I’ve seen are usually hardcore and have played the game since the beginning. I don’t think they want to quit, and that the intent of making these threads isn’t just to say farewell, but to tell Ludia why they feel the game is no longer playable. It’s not like they played for a week or two, then came on here to say the game sucks. A game developer should want to know why they’re losing customers, and I bet most of the players who have posted their goodbyes would stay if the game improved.

JWA is not very playable without spending money at this point. I’ve spent over $90 and the majority of payers I know have spent more.