I finally did it …

I deleted the app.
As a player that has played from launch, owned over 130 level 30s, 50+ fully boosted Dinos, poured cash after cash into it as the game was fun, but I threw in the towel.

The second main reason for this decision is It’s not what it used to be, the constant grind as pretty much everything released (which has just become ridiculous the amount of new dinos every update) have become event exclusive, I chased every new Dino out in the past, paid for incs to stay challenging with the other whales, did it for years, poured real money in to get the dna and level them up, sad thing is every single one of those dinos is pretty much useless now, all that money and time spent for just having a bunch of useless creatures sat there with a number 30 on them.

I decided a few months back that I wasn’t going to chase the meta anymore, I did it for so long I guess wanted a break, plus it’s pointless and a waste of money now, power creep is running full throttle, and boy does it show, skill tournaments I was always top 50 without fail, pvp always high up in shores, my thousands of dollars creatures now struggle with incomplete levelled “new dinos”, the money I paid to give a good performance not just for myself but for my clan too, is all irrelevant now. To put it blunt, if you don’t pay, you don’t win, and if you don’t KEEP paying, you will fall.

Unfortunately, jam thinks the way of making money is give us these new shiny creatures that are way too OP, let us spend hundreds of dollars levelling them and boosting them, and then making them irrelevant, I can say 100% this is the only game I’ve played where you can purchase items in game for real money, and have something completely different and useless in comparison for that money you spent a month down the line. I (1) honestly don’t know how they can get away with it and (2) have no idea why I fell for it for so long.

A lot of you will remember in the early days when the game actually used a lot of skill, a lot of mind games, the battles were fun, when you said “good game” it was because the opponent got himself out of a pickle you’d got him in, not cause he bought a flock out that can give out more damage than a trex and take next to no damage back. Swap in attacks with instant moves turn 1 that buff attack and can kill your creature 1 shot, this used to be a skilled game!

The 3rd biggest reason is the bugs, the constant crashing, the map loading, the map clutter, it’s a mess in there, spend some of the long long thousands I’ve paid you and make this game playable for these people that want to continue with this.

The 1st biggest reason for me leaving though, is the loss of in game friends for the above reasons, alliances have closed, and many people have left, a lot of which were good friendships that we had made over the years, players like me that paid in, played regularly, but got tired of the power creep, and the fact that somewhere along the line you think it’s acceptable to, over time, ruin a players entire pvp team, just because you want to make more money.

Everything is over priced, and even if you agree like I did to pay the over price amount, it will become irrelevant anyway. I do not know why I didn’t just uninstall earlier and bought myself a 3rd car, at least I could still be using that unlike the items I used the money for in your game.

It’s frustrating to all, but mainly for the OG’s of the game, which brings me to my final point, the lack of support, In game support is useless, many people try and come here, and are met with over zealous moderators, with the exception of @Ned, We all love Ned, there is no one here that will try and help, just a bunch of people with ban buttons trying to organise a group of frustrated players, it isnt going to work, I rarely come on here cause once, I said something that didn’t break any rules, I didn’t cuss, I just spoke the truth which hurt a moderators personal feelings, you can’t moderate and ban someone for your own personal feelings, I got the ban anyway. When I emailed about it I got the ban lifted and an apology l asked to be put into contact with this moderator, so I could get him/her to explain to me 1 to 1 how they have the right to moderate based purely on there own feelings, it all went quite, not ready to face someone they can’t just ban. For the future of the game I again ask you, try helping instead. Ned is cool, be more like Ned.

So that’s my time done guys, it’s literally the end of an era, a long long time of playing but I can’t go on, I’m burnt out/frustrated/tired of it all.

I sincerely hope this post makes in impact of any kind to help you guys that are either new or just want to ride it out and hope it gets better, scrolling up that’s a long read so if you at this point thanks for sticking with it.

Happy hunting guys


Quitting thread.