I finally did it

Well, sitting here on the forum making posts and looking at my team, I finally did it… Accidentally tapped the evolve button and POOF there goes 80K coins on something I was not going to evolve. My phone started to go to sleep, and I carelessly tapped the screen to wake it up again… sigh.

Ever wonder why people are screaming at LUDIA? Because of the absolutely SIMPLE fix that would avoid this, but it’s as plain as the nose on your face - THEY. DON’T. CARE.

So any chance this will ever get fixed? Anyone try to contact support to have it reversed? I know they can do it - but will they?

EDIT: I just wrote support - I’ll post their response here - whenever I get one.


that sucks ouch!! which dino was it? just curious

Tragodistis. L23 to L24.

I had opened it to check the spelling while typing the name in another thread! :unamused: