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I FINALLY did it!


It took a few months, and there were MANY 10s along the way, but I finally unlocked my first Unique!! Thoradolosaur is now in my arsenal!!


Welcome to the Green Emerald club.

Please enjoy your stay. :hugs:

Let the Crits begin…


The last Jedi…


Sorry, but I ain’t no Jedi. I’m a dirty, future rat user. lol In fact, she’s next. :wink:

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I also walk the path of light and dark. The Jedi are dead fwiw. We shall dwell in between and take advantage of extremists

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My first unique I unlocked was Indoraptor. Diloracheirus was my second, and I’ve got a choice on my third unique creature to unlock: Magnipyritor or Thoradolosaur? Any suggestions?:question:



Magna first

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Of course it would be a 10. …lol

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Yep. Kinda how it goes for me. :joy:
Also, I forgot to mention it, but I REALLY like my third screenshot there. Awesome shot. :smile:

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Grats. I just got mine this morning as well. Lots of 10’s.

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Congrats dude! One of he best. Now forget the dracocerarat and I’ll have some respect for you.

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hes a beast!


or she :sweat_smile:


or Them? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You just got best rat killer. :grin:

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Congrats! Not sure if I even had a unique when I was lvl15 :smile:


Congrats! I unlocked edmontoguanodon last week!


that is a nice dino to have :smiley: and the funny thing is that I see more edmonto this event (without even hunting for them) than tenonto last week :smiley: increased spawns are weird

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Smh, I’ve seen more tenontos this week, than last week…


RNGesus works in mysterious ways