I finally got you!


I have been playing this game since launch… And roamed through all the Locations/Zones countless times. Believe it or not I’ve seen less than a handful anklyosaurs since then but thanks to this weeks event, I finally landed this guy/(gal??) Welcome to the team! (Lol and About gosh darn tootin’ time)

Which dinos have you worked forever to get ?


Nice job! I also been playing since launch but still have no legendary. I’m suuuper close to Indominus Rex and Either Gigaspikasaur or Stegodeus. I just need T-Rex DNA and Amargasaurus DNA. :slight_smile:


You might want to change the last words on the top part of the post. The sensitive forum crybabies will flag it.


Hahaha duly noted … that’s actually pretty mild for me but I changed to something a little more PC :joy::innocent:


Still working on that stinking Indoraptor… By the time I get enough raptor to fuse, I get 10 Indo… It’s slow going.


I think I was the last person on earth to get a stegodeous :weary:


i think we all die a little inside every time someone unlocks this. or at least when they put it on their team :sob:



Stegod vs Anky. Anky uses invulnerability shield. Stegod player slow then next time the other slow.


Feel right smug when you bring her down though. Same for stegoceratops for me… probably the only person who doesn’t use her :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I finally got my Stegodeus last weekend or so and have used it on a few Strike Events. Have no desire to try it out in actual PVP Arenas though.

Next one is either Indominus Rex (If I can find those elusive Velociraptors… I’m about 200 DNA from hitting level 15…), or Tragodistis… if I can get enough Parasaurolophus DNA, that fellow isn’t easy to find or level… seems like I’ve been leveling him for a long time… he’s only halfway through level 13.


it’s not such a problem as long as you get a shattering dino on your team. so few are usable though. i just have indoraptor.

the worst is when you start stegodeus and they start ankyntrosaurus. it does like 200 damage to you and like 50 counter attack damage :sleeping:


210mb update :thinking: