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I, for one, can't wait for boost 2.0

Gone are the days of mega monsters boosted to the sky across the board. Coming soon there will be a price to pay. Want a thor that can one shot everything? Well, it’s either got to be slow as molasses or have a glass jaw. Tier 8 speed erlidom? Well, it’s either gotta hit like a feather or be one shot by DC now. No longer can you have it all, and that is a GREAT thing.

I tried to boost my creatures in a very balanced manner, so this change will not effect me all that much. In fact - I get a lot of wasted boosts back! I get them back from utarinex, dilo, thor, spyx, magna, all creatures I thought I had to have to get anywhere. Nope.

My only lament will be my indom. I really liked it at 7/7/7 - but at least I didn’t need it to win.

What are you looking forward to? I can’t wait for the standings to reorganize, and I’ll likely play unboosted for quite some time before I decide what to do.


Luckily for me I only used speed boosts

I get a chance to change my team around. I’m considering Daryx, Vexus, Indog2 and Phorusaura.

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Yes! I will eventually do some boosting to different critters.

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It will feel great to not be absolutely destroyed by level 23 thoradolosaurs with 5000 hp and 2300 attack

Yes indeed. Or the 150 speed, 2900 damage, and 7300 health L30’s I see.

Oh, and I’m a big fan of your namesake.

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I am looking forward to Ludia explaining if they will also limit how many times we can boost per week. Because I do not like the idea of being blocked from using all of the boosts I’ve hoarded over time.
As for how I’ll boost, I’ll do it according to what I need in the arena. Are there dracos that exceed Erlidom’s speed? I get it to the point where it just has 1 level advantage over Draco, rest will go mostly into attack, because Erlidom won’t really need much HP to do its job as Draco killer. Ardentismaxima on the other hand needs mostly to focus on being bulky and strong, with just 1 level advantage over indominus in speed.

Technically none of us got to the limit of 10/10/10, so all of the same tier distribution done until now can still be done again… What will change is the difference that each tier will make now, especially for speed… A Thor for example, besides having to give up on attack and hp, it will need much more speed boosts to be faster than others. That’s awesome!

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I’ve got all lvl 30 dinos on my lineup but stupidly I spread out my boosts too thin so I struggle. Not making that mistake again. Slow and steady wins the race. All those players who stopped evolving dinos and threw boosts at them are going to be hurting trying to play catch up. Takes a lot of coin and dna to go from lvl 25 to 30 if they want to stay in their current trophy rankings.

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