I forget - whats in here?

Thanks in advance!

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Stuff we voted for scary dinos durring halloween

Gorgosaurus, spino, and suchatator

Key words scariest rare creatures… means commons can be anything just like their scariest epic deal was…

Actually i just saw they changed the wording i got velo and tawny as commons

Yeah its all the dinos we voted for when they asked us what are the scariest dinos in JWA back in Oct.
It hasnt changed.

I bought one being the DNA was free and finally got tany. Well tany up to 80000 that is :grin:

Tany, allo, velo, suchutator, spino and gorgo

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They did a deal with epic creatures during hallowern that had random commons and rares in it… huge thread on here over it… ludia said they only guranteed the epics…

This does not seem to be a case with this deal thought

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Ok- their new banner states that there are epic and rare scares incubators for sale. Meaning there should be another incubator showing up- right?

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Indo ingredients spinotasuchus ingredients loads of coins and cash

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You’re more likely to be satisfied with a Five Guys double cheeseburger and a medium seasoned fries at that price :drooling_face: …



I ended up with half a million coins, used the cash to buy more coins, got all 3

Aw crud, now I need to go get that combo. Thx @Hersh :rofl:

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I’d enjoy a burger and a brew with you pal!
What do U say? We add it to the bucket list ?

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Haha definitely my friend :grin:

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I bought it last time and uploaded the video on my youtube channel. I can’t get the link right now because I’m at work. Hopefully they fixed the common dinos in it because i got garbage commons last time and was expecting commons that fit the theme.

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The commons i got where from the actual themed incubator… not the hot garbage incubator they sold at the end of the halloween…ie i got raptor tawny gorg and spino…