I forgot this was a thing

Its been so long since I’ve gotten Legendary DNA from an incubator. Its only happened one other time, about 10 months ago. :laughing:
Got this little surprise in the epic incubator today:

The last time this happened outside of an event, I got 6 Allosino DNA.


Happened to me first when I was level 14, got 14 Indominus DNA from a tower incubator, which was helpful as I had not started fusing on it yet.

How about those who got 1 Indoraptor DNA on Halloween lol, trick for 99% of players, treat for those with xx9 Indoraptor. I’m one of those 9 players (well 8 now since last darting attempt) but didnt get the 1 unique DNA.


I think I got 4 DNA from that event. Lol

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I got 2 Dioraja dna from St. Patty’s. 2! what am I supposed to do with that lmao

Its a tease, I swear. Lol