I found a new counter for skonna!

I was doing friendly pvp with a pal, and he in the first round put out a skoonasaurus and i put diorajasaurus and i kill it really easy, I just did Shields, resilient rampage, resilient strike over and over.

So i think dio is a good counter to skoona, so that is why I put im on my team so i could counter the skoonas.


If you use Dio in Higher arenas against Skoona the opponent will simply swap to SRG3 to kill your Dio


Or grypolyth. Loved diorajasaur but it is a liability now.

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I mean, its not a secret that Dio is doing great against some of the strongest creatures in the game. Not only does it beat Skoona, but also does he counter Testa.

The problem with it are the missing resistances. It simply get countered too hard by Grypo, SR3, IntoTaurus and Mortem.

Personally I would love to see a slight buff to Dio. Still hate to see my beloved 30/30 Dio sitting on the bench…


Yeah, currently an unbooosted level 28 SR3 is probably more useful in the arena than a 30/30 Dior. That’s sad, and with all the buffs to uniques that have been happening lately, it would be nice to see Dior get a few good resistances or anything that makes it a bit hardier in battle. There are too many hard counters right now for it


spinoconstrictor is a counter for skoona because DoT