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I found a real Carbo in a park today

It’s funny how many times I’ve road past this thing and never noticed it. Probably because I’m staring at my phone screen looking for these things.


I finally noticed this statue because I stopped to dart a Tenontosaurus in this very spot.

Haha nice. I find It funny that in the Cabonemys bios It says that It swims but the model for it is definitely of a fully terrestrial tortoise :laughing:

Lol! I found 2 at the zoo a few weeks ago.


Of all the parks I road through over 4 hours and 18 miles, that statue was the closest thing I found to carbo. No carbo’s at all. I got a lot of Tenonto’s and Wuerhosaurus’s. There was a definite increase in good park spawns. There was a lot more hidden dino’s popping up all over also. The ones you can see are pretty much the same.

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