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I found a way to save arena for myself!

Well since the current matchmaking algorithm is…well…bad to put it lightly and punishes teams, I have been looking at some of the ideas other have posted on the forums and have come up with a way to save JWA arena for myself, have some fun AND help the community and my alliance with missions involving battles!

My C Team game!

Basically I have put together a team of much lower levels and am going to go into the arena and just play as normal (yes I will be trying to win) and just keep playing until I stop losing constantly, and then just sit at that rating till my main team is no longer a liability.

Here are the rules I must follow -

  1. No dinosaur can be above legendary rarity, meaning I can only use Commons, Rare, Epic and Legendary dinosaurs, NO UNIQUES!
  2. I am not allowed to use boosts on ANY of my C Team members, not even to possibly bring me in line with others in the bracket I am put into.
  3. I am not allowed to level ANY legendary dinosaur above 16, and Epics must be 15 or lower (this is mainly so I don’t waste hybrid DNA while playing this game.
  4. If I am up against a player who clearly has very little or no battle knowledge, such as someone repeatedly using distraction against an immune dinosaur, I must declare it a NO CONTEST and let them win the match!
  5. Every time my rating goes up 150 trophies, I must then deliberately LOSE 150 trophies.
  6. I am NOT allowed to use Draco or Draco Gen2 at any point EVER!

Ok now I will explain each rule and why I will be doing it -

  1. Since I will be in a lower arena where uniques probably don’t exist, I cannot use my own uniques since their advanced moveset and the other players lack of experience fighting one would give me an unfair advantage!
  2. Why will I not be allowed to boost my C Team, despite boosts being useable at level 10? This is because some players I may be facing will have much less battling experience than I do, so having prior battle knowledge AND boosting would give me an unfair advantage. I think them getting the boost stat advantage is a fair balance, I will simply need to outplay them instead.
  3. Why can I not level any epic above 15 or a legendary above 16? this is because most players in the arena will only just be starting to get their first few legendary, and my mass storage of DNA would give me an unfair advantage as I could always level higher than them.
    Why no epic above 15? this is so I don’t waste DNA that I need for a future hybrid.
  4. If I come across an opponent that clearly has no clue what they are doing, its not even considered a match since they had no chance of winning, so it goes without saying I should not want to take trophies or a possible incubator from them.
  5. Every 150 trophies I earn I must also give back those 150 by way os losing (though I will still battle normally for the majority of the match so its not boring for the other player or myself), so that my presence in that arena is no disruptive.
    Also this will help me to stay where I am at, and not keep climbing till im facing uniques and such!
  6. I don’t want to inflict this horror on new players early in their JWA career as I do not want to turn new players away from the game.

Ok well with all that out of the way, may I introduce C Team!
Note: All C Team members are unboosted and will remain unboosted!


Just a side question, would anyone like me to record my C Team matches from time to time and post them on the forums?


Of course i love the C team

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Just had my first C Team match (at my normal rating so this is to be expected), opponent opened with 128 speed TRex and sweeped me haha!

Was fun though, nearly killed it!


This is my 2nd account team of creatures and growing, all none boosted, nothing above level 16. I generally play level 10 to 13 players with some who like to throw boost mostly into one creature. Most teams are lightly boosted. I can still beat those.It’s more fun for the most part apart from the over boosted exceptions.

I had a loosing streak but hanging in the 2200 to 2400 range so you can still get 2 of each boost daily.

The variety of different creatures are finally on the rise a little so you won’t get bored battling the exact same creatures all the time. These teams are still heavy with the former alliance mission rewards.

I have 87 level 15 and 16 creatures and growing still. I only have 2 more Legendary’s to go and will have all common, rare, epic and legendary creatures.

Make some good videos showing a good strategic battle against a lightly boosted team where you win. It’s always fun to beat a team with boosted dino’s with a none boosted team.

I haven’t been using DC 2 either.


You’ll do really good with sarcorixis! Immobilize is a really really god (typo, on purpose) move if used right, It prevents a rat invasion for 2 turns, also giving you a free setup turn (words from a lvl 17 sarcorixis user)


Just took down a level 21 speed boosted Thor with 1500 damage, it took 2 dinosaurs to do it but I done it hehe!
Lost of course but it wasn’t stressful. Im likely this game already ^_^.

Jut wait till my rating normalises and I get equal level opponents, this is definitely going to save arena for me as it was low level arena I used to love!

Wish I done this earlier lol.

@anon67926299 haven’t had Sarco drawn into a match yet, but yeah that instant immobile thing will be handy for DC!
Actually ive not encountered one yet =/


Mabey we’ll get to battle each other once you get down here. It will be a total surprise to see what dino’s I’ll be packing as I use different ones all the time.

Yeah that be fun =D

Just nearly won a match, but he brought out a 23 Indoraptor at the end lol.

Made a slight change to the team. I replaced Orni (lvl 15) and put Dawin (lvl 15) in its place, as I think the swap in bleed and swoop bleed will come in more handy and put out more damage on higher health opponents.
A lot of tanks on the teams im facing, so damage ticking for a percentage of their total health is stronger!

Also as of my last match im no longer in Lockwood and now in Ruins!

EDIT: Utahsino would have made an awesome team member as they dominate these lower arenas (and some higher), but unfortunately mine is level 22 and pretty well boosted, so is excluded!
Indominus would also have been awesome, but is 23 so also cannot be used!


After playing a bunch more matches I have found that Smilie and Meg were the weakest links, and noticed that my swap in stuns and shields and instant striking abilities were extremely valuable.

So I have added another swap in bleeder in Dimo and another swap in stunner in Pachy!

I also won my first match against a 21 Utahsino, 20 Indom and rat (all boosted). Thanks to the bleeds on Utah, the Instant Rampage of Maia which took down the Indom before it could cloak (it was lowish on health) and rat was pinned and stunned by Sarco lol

Used Sarco (15), Darwin (15), Maia (15) and Blue (15).

I believe this new swappers team will synergize really well together.

I also came close to winning a bunch more, only losing due to being slower than the boosted opponents.

Its incredible that you can have more fun and get to use different dinosaurs when you disregard rating and matchmaking isn’t ruining you.
If anyone else was in the same boat as me with their uniques being punished, create a Lowbie team and give it a go, you will be pleasantly surprised how fun it is.
Also I’ve only encountered 2 rats, and they only swapped once (though I was pinning one repeatedly lol).

And you will probably have even more fun if you don’t include the boost free rule I’m using, as many matches can be won if you are faster!


Pachy is awesome and cute. Shame its hybrid is not corresponding to the level of epic Pachy is. I’m really itching to level mine passed 20 here.

At least You’re having some fun.

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Yeah thats the interesting thing, even though my still working my way down as im still in the high 3000’s (coming down from 4400) and losing most matches, im having fun lol, even losing >.<!
I am getting fairer and fairer opponents with each and every loss however, as matchmaking stabilises.

The Thors have also all but been replaced with Allosino now, and the boost levels on enemy dinosaurs is lessening also, even getting many unboosted too, which is good considering im not boosted either lol.

These kills and battle incubators (which I have tons saved up from not battling) is helping with alliance missions, AND hopefully breaking the opponents losing streak, if they are in one :slight_smile:

It seems the higher rated you get, the less dinosaur varieties AND ridiculously strong enemies thanks to matchmaking.

EDIT: Who knows, perhaps this could turn into a permanent thing for me to use, as the point of a game is fun, and if progressing isn’t fun, why progress?
Sure I won’t be able to use new uniques unlocked but all new added legendary and epics and even commons are then on the table! And easier to level also!

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I was thinking on something similar. Not as radical as you but some way or levelling 10/12 dinos that may be competitive not necessarily uniques and start battling and see what happens.

Now frustrated after my max. Trophy on 5393 now I’ve been losing CONSISTENTLY for 1 week I now came back to aviary on 48XX facing even more powerful beast than in +5000. Nonsense.

So it’s time for a change, try to have fun in another way.

Thanks for your idea.


Yep I say go for it, remember fun is where you find it :), and if progressing isn’t fun anymore, why progress? :stuck_out_tongue:

And it will give you a chance to use dinosaurs you don’t normally use too. For instance 4 of my 8 new dinosaurs ive NEVER used, not even once before now lol


In my case I already used a non-commom +5000 team (when I was there…) Yes… I have Thor and Draco but I have two kind-of-annoying epics in my team.

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I used both Edmon and Puru for a while also. Id use them on my C Team but they are 20 and 21 and my limit is 15 for this team.

The regenerate and run on Edmon would be perfect for my swap team…shame.

Who knows, maybe if this turns into a permanent thing for me, I could increase my epic level of all team members to 20 to take advantage of it.

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Edmontoguana is the zombie dino. She always revives :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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Yeah it was often my last Dino left after the match lol


Please do, your earlier battle videos on YouTube were great! Binged them all recently and learned a lot. Your C Team videos would be very helpful to newer, mid-level players like me. :slight_smile:

Glad you found a way to continue playing. Great strategy - I wish all arena droppers would be that noble, letting clueless opponents win lol! What arena are you in currently?

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