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I Gave Every Common Creature A Unique

I decided to give every common creature a unique (that doesn’t already have one). Here are the current ones:

And here are the new ones:

I won’t be showing the custom hybrid I made for these as that would take up more space. I might later though. And if this gets over 10 hearts or whatever the liking thing is here, I will do the rare’s next!

Edit: Dodocevidon and Diplovenia should both be Cunning Fierce.


Awesome hybrids

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really nice hybrids

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i just dont understand where the alankyloceratops got distraction from

It’s a wildcard class, so it has Cunning, fierce, and resilient abilities.

Thank you, it took me a while to do this

Edit: Peloroniosuchus is now called Peloroneosuchus, which means “Monstrous New Crocodile”.

I’ve started progress on the rare’s now! And I’ve decided to change it to 15 likes hearts or likes.

The rare’s are finished! But I will only post them if this topic gets 10 likes cause it took me a while.

Decided to post them anyway. Will edit this to post the fanmade creations. Here are the current ones:

And here are the new ones:
Note 1: There are some Compsocaulus fusion ones because I didn’t want to waste time.
2. I didn’t do the hybrids cause I didn’t want to do them and there would just be more.

Now if topic actually gets 10 hearts, I will do the epic’s!

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But it only has Resilient and Cunning. And why does it have D.I. anyway? Also, Bronto, Peloro, and Pouka are all redundant with Brontolasmus, Sarcorixis, and Coelhaast existing.

Swap in stunning strike is fierce move, you could say the same thing about Monostegotops.

Stun is secondary resiliant and armor peirce is secondary fierce right?

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Stun classifies as nothing, and armor pierce is mostly for resilient and fierce, but fierce creatures have a larger abundance of piercing moves than resilient.