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I genuinely don't understand

I know that everyone has complained about the matchmaking system for a couple of years. It is easy to become tone-deaf to the complaints because you hear them so often. You start to wonder if everyone simply likes to complain or are bad sports.

But… having said that, I really want Ludia to explain to all of us how I can get 19 matches in a row in Arena (no Tournament) where I don’t get a SINGLE opponent that has a trophy count that is lower than me. Every match! In fact, 15 of the opponents I was matched against had a score higher than my best ever since the season began. One of them was more than 400 points higher than me at the time I played him.

How does that happen in a fair and balanced system? I did not get even ONE opponent that had a score lower than me. I really want to know, Ludia. Don’t say “just bad luck” or “random happenings”. This is my experience day in and day out and has been for months. I would estimate that over 90% of my arena matchups in the last year have been with opponents that had a higher current score than me. I cannot remember when I’ve had more than two matches in a row EVER where I’ve played someone with a score less than mine.


The score you see is their season high score, whereas matchmaking is based on current score, so it is actually not possible to know where they are currently compared to yourself


Ludia introduced face off screens a couple of months ago where you could see the current score of your opponents. They had to take it off because some players conveniently quit the game when they were matched with an opponent with a current score higher than them… It’s unfortunate because my experience when it was active is that I was matched with people ±150 current trophies from my score, so that’s acceptable to me. I asked for the face off screen to be displayed after the battle not before but never heard back. Looking at the highest does not mean much as we can all lose 500 trophies in a day trying to fill our incubator slots.


These are reasonable answers… but the opponents I had weren’t just ranked higher than me. Their teams far outclassed anything I had. I was fighting L30 Magnapyritors with 164 speed when I don’t have anything that fast on my entire team of 8. They had Dracorats with 7200 HP and 135 speed. I was getting one-shot by their 141 speed Thors and I had nothing to counter these with.

Every one of these was able to kill 2 or 2-1/2 of my dinosaurs before I could get close to taking them down. I swapped in a stunning dino on the Thor and on the Dracorat and (of course) the stuns didn’t land.

There’s got to be a better way to offer a fair battle to players. I only won 1 of 7 matches this morning and most of them I lost were 0-3 or 1-3. It isn’t like I have a terrible team or don’t know how the battles work. I’ve been playing for 2 years and got as high as 5700 last season. I’m just tired of playing against opponents that will wind up over 6000 by season’s end.

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Matchmaking in library or depot are based on current trophies. Most of the matches I have are against level 30 teams. The problem is coming from the change of the matchmaking in shores where the top players are hoarding trophies and pushing people down to depot, library and aviary. Every month it is getting worse and it’s accentuated by the monthly reset. As long as Ludia does not fix the matchmaking in shores, the situation will only get worse and people will stop playing the game.

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My wife and I were talking about this a few minutes ago, and she was quite angry that she’s been knocked down from her normal spot in Library right into Aviary.

She pointed out that this always seems to happen on the first Friday of a new season and she wondered if there are a number of players that wait for Tournament to start because they can’t beat the normal players most of the time, so they wait until a lot of the best players are fighting in Tournament to start their climb back up to Nublar Shores and Gyroscope Depot?


True, but 15 of my 19 matches were players that had a season high score that was higher than my season high score. If this matchmaking were a reasonable system, why wouldn’t that be closer to 8 or 9 of 19?

I don’t think so. A lot of players are reset to 5499 at the start of a season, and even those of us who are normally up near shores can end up stuck in Library hell for a few days. Library is a bloodbath for the first week or so, sometimes even two weeks.

I do think more people battle on the weekend in general, which could be why she’s consistently falling on the Friday.

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Just did about 15 battles, lost 5, won 2, then lost the rest, now in Lockwood estate, THANKS LUDIA, I JUST WANTED MY INCUBATORS.

Just a little fraction of the unfair battles.
I think that if we all just stop battling I feel like Ludia might actually do something lol

Library is always a cesspool at the start of each month. I normally can get into Gyro once at the start, but then I’m stuck in limbo around 5250-5400 and facing people 5400+.
Often times when I’m near Gyro, I face people that have been above 6000.
Screenshot_20210410-012410 Screenshot_20210410-012514

If we face each other I hope its a decent match, I almost always let my opponent have 1 take down if it seems like I’m going to destroy them. I do often face people fresh out of Aviary and its not fair to them when they’re facing my team of 28+ with their 26-27 lvl team.

It would appear that the trophy count you get reset to is based off your current count, not your season high. (Maybe @Ned can confirm this next week?) My high was 62XX yet I got reset to 5499 because I ended the season in Gyro. I think this is probably the case for a lot of people they get reset too low and what you are running into.


So who do we blame here?

The players who deliberately wait before playing pvp after the reset?

Ludia for resetting so many players in the same place every month?

Players who don’t want the hassle of pvp in the arena they should be in, so they drop deliberately?

Or just a combination of all of the above, which is what I think is the issue that affects us all.

Look at how many players haven’t even done a pvp yet and you will realise that those who don’t have to will wait till it settles down. Many alliances won’t allow their members to wait this long but there is an ever increasing leniency because of this issue.

Ludia insist on creating a bottleneck with the way so many players get reset at the same level every season. For every player who gets easy wins there will be players who get beaten easily. Soul destroying and hardly conducive to creating a good experience.

And finally there is nothing to stop or deter players from dropping to get simple dbi and incubators. More and more are doing this simply because they can. Until something is done to deter this it will continue to get worse and worse.

It’s not that bad, it’s tough but not impossible. Today to get my 5 incubators (3h, 15m, 3h, 3h, 8h), I needed 9 battles. 6 of the 9 opponents had a higher score than me. All had higher teams (full level 30 or close). Still won 5/9.

And that’s my team.

You know that people used to get 28000 trophies in the season before this resets were done, arena was bad but trophy counts weren’t. Ever since they made it so it’s not based on trophy count in the higher arenas, there are now people with 38000 trophies. It’s crazy and needs to be fixed and that’s with resets

Definitively true… Many players who have dropped after the trophy reset often don’t have to do a lot of battles to get their incubators… And they don’t mind if they stay one arena and many hundreds trophy below their typical score… Sure enough though, on friday, they always want to reach the highest arena they can before they start the tournament.

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Hey there, Somedinoguy.

Why on earth would Ludia think it was a good idea to take the best players in the world and drop them in to feast on players who have never had a high score above 5500?

I’m sure the whales at the top of Nublar Shores love the free incubators, but it breaks the system for everyone else for half the season. Here it is the 12th of the month… we are one week in, and I’m still losing 6-7 matches for every one I can win.


Agreed. What’s to stop people then from deciding they’ve peaked in the middle of a season, then tank the rest of it, knowing they get to beat up on lesser/newer players for the first couple weeks after a reset? I guess the argument is that they could do this withOUT the reset but regardless, it would seem to me that if rewards are based on your high score, then so too should the reset.