I get an incubator every time I dart a dino


Well it is weird but every time I finish the darting mini game it comes up as if I won a battle. It always shows the same score and same opponent and my rank increases to be the same as it already was. The only thing is I get a standard incubator each time as well. This is not a visual glitch either. If there is an incubator slot free then it gets filled by the standard incubator I apparently just won.

Sounds great at first until you realise you’ll never have a free slot for anything else.

New glitch for me

So you want it upgraded to be 8 or 24 hour then :grin:


How lucky are you!
I though to be very lucky if I would have a home supply drop, but now i will pray for this wonder!! :heart_eyes:


Update, bug stopped after I closed and re opened the game. Any extra incubators I had in slots disappeared with it too so at least I can use slots again :slight_smile:


Best glitch ever


[moved from New glitch for me]

So I was walking around after finally winning an epic battle after losing 4 in a row and had a 3hr incubator on the go, I darted a deino then when it went back to the map it went straight to the battle screen and said you win (with no opponent name) and awarded me another 3hr incubator… so now I have 1 in the queue waiting , not complaining as I didn’t have to battle but bit weird ain’t it? Anyone else have that?


Ah yea didn’t see the other post