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I get no cups anymore

I am in the top 5% 1st place, but when I win battles
I get no cups anymore . I want to be in dominatore, what can I do?

Do you mean you don’t move up places? If so, there can be a big gap between 1st in predator and 100tg in dominator so that can be a few battles


The bottom of Dominator League is 1832 trophies. What is your current score?

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Thanks you very much!!, I have 1748 - now I know what was the problem

I am now at 1931 cups but still not in dominator. Has the number of cups needed for dominator changed?

Each individual persons tournament is different as far as the trophies needed for each level(most are pretty close and within a few trophies +/-) but not exactly the same.
And there are the random ones that are kind of “outliers” and the trophy count can be +/- 100-200 trophies.
Just keep battling and try to get to 2100 or so trophies and you should be ok.
Also if you’re sitting close to the edge be ready to do a couple battles right at the end to stay in Dom.

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The current amount needed? Yes.

In the last 45 minutes, the floor for Dominator has gone up 1 trophy. It will continue to increase until the end of the tournament in 6h15m. @Sionsith has predicted that a Dominator finish will require 2055-2075 trophies


The bottom of mine is sitting right in line with @Andy_wan_kenobi aswell

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