I get only baryonix gen 2


From every single 3h incubator since I climbed to the 7th arena I get baryonix gen2. No other rare DNA from the list below. Is it glitched? I don’t need it. I need nodosaurus, some other DNA, but not baryonix. It’s so useless


Because they want you to spend your money on this Rip off game bro!

I done vip for a week then stopped it,absolutely Crap


As a player in arena 7 for weeks, and opened over 100 arena 7 incubators, I must agree that Baryonyx got especially high rate to gain.

A simply example. My Proceratosaurus is lv15, if Purussaurus wasn’t event dino for last week, she will also stay in lv15.
But my Baryonyx gen2… yeah, also lv15, and I’ve got her DNA all from arena incubators.

Notice that Baryonyx gen2 is a arena 7 dino, and even added to arena incubator later than other dinos.


Just bad luck with the randomizer. I get a lot of the same things too from incubators.


Come on, the randomizer isn’t “random”. I’m sure there is a very high chance to obtain some dinosaurs (Irritator, Irritator Gen 2, Baryonyx Gen 2, Stygimoloch Gen 2… Mostly the Arena Exclusive ones) and a very small chance to obtain the rest. In arena 7 all we get is Baryonyx Gen 2. I’m sick of it already.


Wow…my reply got hidden, doesn’t even know why.
My Proceratosaurus is lv15, also my Baryonyx gen2 is lv15.

But this might be impossible, because Proceratosaurus is arena 1 creature, Baryonyx gen2 is arena 7.
Also, all of Baryonyx gen2 DNA I collected are from pvp incubators, and Baryonyx gen2 was added to arena incubator later than others.

It’s obviously Baryonyx gen2 is far easier to gain from arena incubators than other rare dinos.
This is so much unfair.


The exclusive of the Arena you are in currently got higher chances. That’s why you often just get them.


:man_shrugging: Whether it’s chances or not, to me it still feels pretty random. Could be the type of incubator too (15mon, 3hr, etc); I know they usually house different dinos.


Well, it makes me go down to arena 5 to get more useful incubators. So everyone there will hate me.