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I get 'updates' almost every day. Why?

So, since two weeks or so, I get ‘updates’ every two or three days. I don’t mean the winter update now (that I also got like 2/3 days ago even before there was anything here in the forum about that) but like I said, every two or three days or so my device ‘updates’ the game, but nothing changes. Does anyone have the same experience?

Here this was just yesterday

And this was now. Do I get these updates or what ever this is now every day? It is annoying and I don’t understand why…

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Best guess is your internal storage only has about 1GB of free space, or that you’re constantly clearing your cache, which would include the data for the game.


Thank you for your answer. I guess that explains it.

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I have loads of space but I get these updates as well? Why I would like help fixing this problem

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