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I give up Ludia

So after 5 months or so of giving this game a chance I give up. I can honestly say the devs dont seem to have a grasp of the core concepts that a game of this requires… Mechanics that reward skill over luck, grinding that gives dinosaurs if epic and above that are of more value than those of lesser rarity and balanced PvP.

I could go on and mention the supposed random chance in cannister content, RNG, PVE, loopholes in matchmaking blah blah. But the above should be reason enough to justify walking away from a game I really wanted to love.

I’m that guy who gave blizzard his money even through the most horrendous WoW expansions, cause I honestly believed they knew how to listen to the community and improve the game. Ludia seem to be lacking in this and simply introduce more incompetence per update. Shame…


The progress to become better and climb in the arena are now build up on another structure.
I hope you enjoyed to hunt and spend time in the real world.

Your friend Moksha

Balanced a myth. Everyone whines about the PvP being unbalanced in every game.

I see the biggest problem with Ludia is they are lazy and incompetent. They want to make a game that gets huge money but doesnt need much new content. Boosts fit in that category. Skill over luck means if you get all lvl 27s and your opponent has all lvl 30s, you lose. No crits, no stuns failing, dodge failing etc… Every move is predictable.

The best way solve the problem of Ludia is to wuit en masse. No money means they have to fix the game. They already lost a lot of money with their messing around with boosts in 1.10.

Take away arena, the game is pretty fun. But arena sucks because the humans in the arena suck. No one plays for fun anymore. It very serious and very underhanded. So it gets frustrating.

Ludia listens to the players but lacks the competence to implement the changes. Look at the bugs and you know. Their programmers lack skill. Expecting them to implement new mechanics creates new bugs or resurrected old ones.

1.10 was rushed out. I doubt 1.11 will be much better since Ludia has no ability to bring something novel to the game.


When they sense a mass exodus, there’s a huge sale that, while expensive, is a really good deal compared to normal prices. They are sales people.
For every loss, a new player is found, and buys their wares.
$100 usd gives you the regular price on HC, with a boatload of free coins and a massive incubator.
I’m glad I stopped spending money long ago on this game, because I could buy into the belief that this is all I need to take it to the next level (which in reality is a fallacy).



Great statement.

And then it comes a nerf, new meta, better dinos…


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