I got 2600 trophies how is it so that my opponent with 5000 trophies with apex creatures came against me ...it was so unfair


Sad thats just the way ludia’s matchmaking works i’ve been angered by this some many times everyone feels your pain they should probably fix this problem immediatly

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Yes cause it doesn’t help the loser the winner gets easy trophies :pensive:

1.He must be a dropper
2.For this reason ludia introduced raid lvl caps…its too late…but something than never


Yes it is cause you have no chance of winning and it’s irritating cause a lot of trophies go too😒

If he is a dropping trophies he should came against some with 3500+ trophies what would a 2600 trophy player be able to do against such opponents with apex creatures

The trophies in his profile are his highest…so maybe he is at 2600 trophies currently

Droppers need to be stopped. They should make it so you can’t have levels 1-10 through arena 5-7 and levels 1-15 through 8-10

This is sadly one of the biggest problems with Ludia’s matchmaking system.

Absolutely nothing deters a dropper and some might say it’s actually encouraged when you look at some of the achievement tasks.

I’ve seen people suggest that you are equally as likely to face a dropper as they drop to get an easy win. That’s as maybe but the odds are not great for that. And anyway that’s hardly a reasonable answer is it?

Realistically you should be locked in once you hit the next level. This would encourage the player to continue to keep making their team viable in that arena, and at the same time the rewards should be much better as we move up the ladder. This seems to make sense to me but for some reason it’s never even been entertained.

I fail to see what satisfaction is gained by beating players that are way below your level. Is it just to farm easy dbi and incubators thereby cheaper boosts? I’m guessing it is but surely that merely serves to improve your team doesn’t it? So when is enough enough?

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Oh now that makes sense cause then he be having lower trophies currently

True it would be nice to have a feature that you can drop only 2 arenas per season…my opinion :upside_down_face:

Apex can be found in lockdown, because some raid with noobs and noobs get the DNA. :frowning: (sighs)

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I thought you get apex dna only from raids …except the incubator which was released recently

yes noobs raid with pros and get DNA

Ohh that’s not right :confused:

thats true. a guy raided with me a he was just a freaking noob stealing DNA

It depends, sometimes it is not a carry because that dino is needed so much it is needed regardless, like irritator

This is so unfair. I do not think it’s a matchup issue. It’s the fact that so many carry strats exist. The raid caps help, but they should be introduced when raids first came to this game. I can not imagine all arenas like this. You literally can not do anything against this. As you get higher up and start unlocking uniques you might stand a chance but with rares epics and a few legendarys there is no way you can win.


Yep. I hate carry strats. Apex creatures should be aviary and up in my opinion.

@Samuel2006 what else did your opponent have on their team when you faced them?