I got 2640 trophies is the team good enough

switch out your dilo for the epic compys flock,
keep your indominus rex G2
keep your giant boa snake
switch out your baryonix and bring in your epic rhino
keep your blue as it is a good runner / stomper creature until you level up some others
switch out your indominus rex G1 bring in your T Rex a good chomper that crushes most opponents
keep your gamma until something better comes along
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But isn’t indominus better than t Rex?


indominus can be good on most occasions especially with the cloaking ability but the T Rex has a stronger CHOMP / power hit than the indominus and a lot of the times if your T Rex is high enough it leaves the indominus in the dust.
besides it takes at least 2 moves from the indominus when it first begins battle having to cloak then hit whereas the T Rex can hit you right from the get go with its second attack being almost ten times stronger than the indominus. it is a well known fact that the mighty T Rex has a bite force so strong it can crush a modern day steel car like a piece of paper being crushed in your hand.

The main reson i am saying this about the mighty T Rex is because i went one on one with a LV30 T Rex in a recent alliance tournament with my indominus the T rex beat me without hardly a sneeze 2 chomps and it was all over red rover, the T Rex then proceeded to make mince meat of the rest of my team because of how powerful it was i finally managed to take it down ( LV30 T Rex ) but it cost me 2 of my best dinosaurs doing even that ( a nitro thor and a hyper boosted tryostronyx ), i still lost as his next dinosaur crushed me like a tin can lol .!.
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Ohhhh I use the indominus cause I boosted its attack 2 or 3 times so I find it better than t Rex plus it’s faster…my t Rex is lvl15 so as of now indominus is a better option for me

But thanks for the help :blush:

The problem with indom is that it’s a fierce creature, but any resilient creature with shields can fare pretty well against it, if not kill it. I consider indom more of a cunning creature because it’s best against other fierce (allosino, tryo…) :joy::sweat_smile:

True it’s can’t bypass shields with its main attack

put in t. rex for indom g2

T tex doesnt barley have any immunities tho…indom kills fierce and cunning creatures via cloak and distraction resist. T rex is only good against pure resilient and fierce that are slower than him. Considering t rex has like 103 speed most fierce can kill him.

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That is because he boosted it crazily and you were not using cunning

yea pretty much.

More like cunning-resilient because it fairs well against most cunning with its distraction resistance.

Sometimes, if indom is facing an ankylo if indom cloaks the ankylo just uses instant invincibility and takes 0 damage.

I haven’t come against a anklyosaures as of now but if it does only 0 damage when the clock is on then the indominus will kill it in the next move :thinking:

I would also consider adding para lux too, I have mine at lvl 18 and its pretty good against resilients that don’t have armor.

My indominus is lvl19 now and I swapped erlikogamma for indoraptor Gen 2 :upside_down_face:

Swap indo gen 2 for dodo when you can and no offense but para lux sucks, it is a raider

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Go for creatures have have unique parents or otherwise creatures at least ranked mid elite. But over everything else keep it balanced

I agree with the others who said take out dilorach and Bary as they are not good in PvP … The Epic Compys and the Epic Rhino are easily your best creatures that are benched. FAR better than bary and dilorach. Trex can be a killer but it needs to be sped up a bit. If you have Trex at its base speed, it’s going to be slower than everything and won’t be as effective.